Practical Money-Saving Tips For Small Businesses

Written by Diane Hughes

One ofrepparttar primary concerns all small businesses have is saving money. When it's time to trimrepparttar 117711 fat, most look for one giant expense to decrease or eliminate in order to stay within budget. More often than not, it doesn't work that way.

Most budgeting experts will tell you that re-evaluating your overall expenses and cutting each by just a bit will actually gain you more ground than doing without something major that you really need. Here are a few ideas of areas to look at and costs to reduce that can have a major impact on your overall profits.

1) Internet Access - Every online business owner must have access torepparttar 117712 Web. But consider this. The market is so flooded with ISPs that you have a lot of room to dicker. Start by searchingrepparttar 117713 Internet under keywords like "cheap internet access" or "discount isp" to bring up lists of possibilities. Then, do one of two things.

(a) Try some of these independent ISPs. Smaller companies can have high quality service and support just like repparttar 117714 "big boys". One business owner I know recently switched from Prodigy ($21.95/mth) to a smaller ISP that only charges $12.50/mth with no contracts. She actually likedrepparttar 117715 new provider better and it costs her about half as much. [Savings of $113.40 per year.]

(b) Renegotiate with your existing ISP. Most larger ISPs know you have a choice of a thousand other companies. Because of this, they are normally more than willing to renegotiate your costs. Be honest. Tell them you are a small business owner and you need to cut expenses. Explain that you've been pleased with their service but will be forced to go with someone else if some sort of arrangement isn't worked out. Another friend of mine did this and received 6 months free! Most will offer 2-3 months free and/or a discount with an annual agreement. NOTE: When you approach your ISP, be fully prepared to switch to someone else if your offer is rejected. [Savings of $105.80 per year with 3 months free and reduced, annual rate.]

2) Switch From A Merchant Account To A Payment Service - If you have a low volume of credit card transactions, it might benefit you to switch from a merchant account to some sort of payment service like Pay Pal or ClickBank. Statement fees, monthly fees, discount percentages andrepparttar 117716 like can all add up to big money.

Plan for Success

Written by Jill Black

Everyone is looking for information! Information isrepparttar number one product to sell onrepparttar 117710 net...

How many times have you heard this?

Merely writing a book or gathering together a number of affiliate products to sell from your site then declaring you are in business does not always equate to "followingrepparttar 117711 yellow brick road" to fame and fortune as many would have you believe.

The internet is forrepparttar 117712 true entreprenuers and not for people wishing to make money fast (although this can happen), but for repparttar 117713 majority, it is for people who are willing to keep trying until they make it work for them.

The people who dream and wish for "easy street" onrepparttar 117714 net are repparttar 117715 ones falling byrepparttar 117716 wayside declaringrepparttar 117717 internet does not work,along with those who have invested everything into earning a living fromrepparttar 117718 net with disregarded for how long it may actually take to get established especially if they started in business with very little capital.

Developing and running a web based business requires dedication, determination and a commitment to making it work. Like any offline business there is no easy road and your business will only be as good asrepparttar 117719 time and effort you put into it for achievingrepparttar 117720 same outstanding success that others have already achieved.

It is a well known that in offline business many new startup ventures fail withingrepparttar 117721 first two to five years, onrepparttar 117722 net if you try "putting all your eggs inrepparttar 117723 internet basket" without thought or planning you may fail to achieve your goals.

To be a success you need to plan for success. Business planning takes on a new dimension withrepparttar 117724 international scope thatrepparttar 117725 average home business can now achieve. There are many people offering solutions to solve problems as to why your business may be failing to live up to your expectations.

Unfortunately, there are no magic formulas for instant success no matter how much people may try to convince you otherwise.

While it is a good idea to learn from others who have gone before you to avoidrepparttar 117726 pitfalls they have encountered it is wise to use good judgement about any information that may influence you or your decisions. I applyrepparttar 117727 following formula to everything I read asking myselfrepparttar 117728 following questions:

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