Powerful Presentations Build Your Business

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: Takerepparttar 117354 time to create presentations for your meetings, and sign up more business.

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Powerful Presentations Build Your Business

Copyright (c) 2003 by Angela Booth

You've set up a meeting with a potential client. You've dressed appropriately, your shoes are shined. You've got your portfolio and your business cards, and you have an idea of what you want out ofrepparttar 117355 meeting. In a word: you want business.

This isrepparttar 117356 way 95 per cent of small business people approach meetings. However, if you spend a little more time preparing your presentation, you'll make a more powerful impact and will get more work.

The major rule is: when you've landed a meeting, always make a proposal. Have a clear idea of exactly what you want. You present your proposal via a carefully scripted, and rehearsed, presentation. This is notrepparttar 117357 time to leave anything to chance, or to wing it.

Before you can create your presentation, you need to know what your proposal is. For example, let's say you're a freelance copywriter approaching a graphics design agency, with a view to being considered as a sub-contractor.

Remembering "WIIFM", (What's In It For Me), you realize that you will need to create your presentation's proposal fromrepparttar 117358 view ofrepparttar 117359 agency.

Before you do anything else, make a long list of What's In It For Them. Why does it make sense for them to sub-contract work out to you?

What's In It For Them isrepparttar 117360 heart of your proposal. On your notes, make sure you put WIIFT on each page, so that it stays atrepparttar 117361 front of your mind. It's easy to makerepparttar 117362 mistake of talking about what you want, but please don't. You can leave a CD copy of your presentation withrepparttar 117363 prospect, but again, it MUST focus on how you can help them.

==> Preparing your presentation

The easiest way to prepare your presentation is to use presentation software. If you own Microsoft Office, then you also own Microsoft PowerPoint, it's part of Office. It's worth takingrepparttar 117364 time to learn to use PowerPoint. It makes creating an effective presentation easy.

What do you put into a presentation? Your proposal, and supporting material. Rememberrepparttar 117365 agency wants to know what's in it for them --- how you can help them make money, save money, and make their lives easier and more pleasant. Everything you include in your presentation ---repparttar 117366 kind of work you do, items from your portfolio, testimonials from satisfied clients --- must relate to *them*.

Think ofrepparttar 117367 presentation as being a combination of a speech, an advertisement for your services, a showing of your portfolio, and a proposal, all rolled into one. Aim to make it around 10 to 15 minutes long. Have some fun with creatingrepparttar 117368 presentation. Include plenty of slides with bullet points, and graphics.

You can get double-value out of your presentations. Just copy your basic all-purpose presentation onto a CD, and send it to prospective clients. You can also make your basic presentation a download on your Web site.

Can You Really Make Money with Online Surveys?

Written by James Jones

I am sure you have seenrepparttar "Paid Survey" sites that claim to pay you for your opinion. Question is: Will they really pay you for just taking simple surveys online?

Well, I did a little experiment. Actually, it was a pretty big experiment. I researched several hundred of these companies.

What did I find? You guessed it:

Most were scams.

They want your email address so they can spam you. Or they require you to accumulate 10 million zillion points before they pay you. Or they say they pay but don't.

But, as I was weeding out allrepparttar 117353 scams I would occasionally come across a legitimate company. It didn't happen very often, but out ofrepparttar 117354 hundreds of companies I researched, I found 68 good ones.

Now, let me tell you -- you are not going to get rich doing surveys online. And, if anybody tells you that you can earn "thousands" a month -- they are lying to you. (My best month so far I earned $104.00)

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