Written by Terry Dashner

A Power Gift…

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More than 50 years ago at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, a young sociology professor assigned his class to a city slum to interview 200 boys. They were instructed to predictrepparttar boys’ futures onrepparttar 142920 basis of their findings.

Shocked at what they found inrepparttar 142921 slums,repparttar 142922 students estimated that 90 percent ofrepparttar 142923 boys interviewed would someday serve time in prison.

Twenty-five years passed. The same professor asked another class to try to locaterepparttar 142924 survivors ofrepparttar 142925 200 boys and compare what had happened. Of 180 ofrepparttar 142926 original boys located, only four had ever been to jail.

Why hadrepparttar 142927 predictions not turned out? A common denominator was sought in their lives, some value or influence that may have markedrepparttar 142928 difference. Through more interviews, it was found that over 100 ofrepparttar 142929 men remembered havingrepparttar 142930 same high-school teacher, a Miss O’Rourke, who had been a tremendous influence on them atrepparttar 142931 time. After a long search, Sheila O’Rourke was found in a nursing home in Memphis, now 70 years old. When asked for her explanation, she was puzzled. “All I can say,” she concluded, “is that I loved every one of them.”

Many times believers ask me how to determine spiritual gifts. Believers want to know what their gift is to develop and use it. That’s wonderful. But, I think we missrepparttar 142932 point of “giftedness.” God has gifted us by His Holy Spirit. That is true; however, many believers want “power gifts” —miracles, healings, signs and wonders. May I share with yourepparttar 142933 greatest gift a believer may possess?


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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