Power of Color in Business

Written by Linda Thomas

THERE IS POWER IN YOUR CLOSET and it is inrepparttar color of your clothes. All people have physiological response to color. The following chart is to be used to dress appropriately for what you wane to achieve. Assuming your closer is already filled with favorites where every item fits you perfectly (forrepparttar 146335 body as it honestly is today), look torepparttar 146336 colors you choose to give yourepparttar 146337 extra impact to make all your goals a slam dunk!

For businesswomen,repparttar 146338 most effective colors are charcoal grey and navy blue. Even though spring is here and bright colors are in fashion, there is power inrepparttar 146339 colors we sometimes think of as boring or just for winter. When you are dealing with money, people and legal matters, your clients or prospects want to be reassured that you are dependable, trustworthy and focused onrepparttar 146340 matters at hand. The darkerrepparttar 146341 shade of every color,repparttar 146342 more down to earth and reliable you appear. Greys project authority. Blues project trust. Darken these two colors and you can see why they are so effective when you go to a meeting to sign a contract, discuss a raise or promotion, or deal with lawyers and bankers.

Onrepparttar 146343 opposite end ofrepparttar 146344 spectrum,repparttar 146345 lighter a shade is,repparttar 146346 softer your impact is on others. If you are a leader on a project, in your company or an association, your purpose is not always to be inrepparttar 146347 limelight. There are times you need to gather information while NOT drawing attention to yourself. There are times you need to deliver hard news, conduct an exit interview or deal with an emotionally changed group of people. Pastel blue, soft yellows and light pinks will help you visually sootherepparttar 146348 people you could be at odds with. These are situations when you do not wear red. Red is known as "the" power color, but here isrepparttar 146349 reasoning behind that. When we see red, our blood pressure increases slightly, as does our brain activity. What red is great for is when you are giving a presentation and you want people to remember what you said. Wearing red helps others more easily retain your message because their brain activity is in a heightened state.

Breast Augmentation - Cosmetic Surgery

Written by T.Going

Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

The breast augmentation procedure is becoming more and more popular. There are three approaches to this procedure and your surgeon will help you decide which technique is best for you.

Inframammary implant surgery is generally recommended by surgeons who wantrepparttar most control overrepparttar 146293 exact position ofrepparttar 146294 implant. Placingrepparttar 146295 implant directly intorepparttar 146296 tissue ofrepparttar 146297 breast allows surgeons to maintain greater control and shape ofrepparttar 146298 implant as well as make small corrections to enhancerepparttar 146299 overall look, shape and feel.

Trans-Axillary breast enhancement is for women who are looking to have a less noticeable indication of breast implants. This procedure is performed by a small incision directly intorepparttar 146300 armpit whererepparttar 146301 implant is inserted. This creates a more natural appearance and causes fewer complications with nursing.

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