Power and Politics

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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POWER AND POLITICS By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Many ofrepparttar 132552 leaders in our society are guided by unhealthy intentions. Instead of seeking to serverepparttar 132553 people and heal our nationís ills, their actions and decisions are primarily motivated by their desire for power. Many ofrepparttar 132554 people running our country are run by their addictions to approval, sex, power and control. Unfortunately, few truly healthy individuals want to submit themselves torepparttar 132555 necessary abuses inherent to our political races -repparttar 132556 verbal abuse both given and received,repparttar 132557 huge amounts of money spent,repparttar 132558 integrity sacrificed throughrepparttar 132559 concessions, lies and manipulations offered in order to win. Our system of electing our officials is so corrupt that there is little possibility of attracting a person with a strong, personally responsible, loving inner adult self. This is not to say that none of our elected representatives are honest and caring. Some are certainly motivated by positive intentions but, unfortunately, they constitute a minority.

There is no training required in personal responsibility to run for office. Our leaders are not required to heal their dysfunctional aspects in order to become honest and trustworthy people. The prerequisites for political positions mostly include having enough money, enough powerful people behindrepparttar 132560 scenes, being male, and being white.

Our political arena is designed to attract wounded people who need approval and power in order to feel worthy and validated. Obviously, such a person, with little or no internally derived sense of self-worth and integrity, is very susceptible to corruption. Asrepparttar 132561 adage says: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Power corrupts when a person is motivated by his or her desire for power over others, and few people have accomplished enough inner healing to transcendrepparttar 132562 desire for control over others.

A healthy person in office who is more concerned with servingrepparttar 132563 people than with getting re-elected could accomplish a great deal. Such a person was depicted inrepparttar 132564 movie Dave. In this filmrepparttar 132565 actual president is in a coma andrepparttar 132566 White House officials, seeking to concealrepparttar 132567 truth fromrepparttar 132568 public so they can maintain control, put a look-alike intorepparttar 132569 presidentís seat. Dave, however, is a man of heart, and rather than allowing himself to be controlled he sets about making necessary changes - cutting money where it is not needed and allocating it into more crucial avenues, like child care andrepparttar 132570 creation of jobs. He even takes responsibility forrepparttar 132571 corruption ofrepparttar 132572 actual president and gracefully "dies" asrepparttar 132573 actual president is dying sorepparttar 132574 vice-president, a man of great integrity who was maligned byrepparttar 132575 power structure, could take over in his rightful place. The movie is, of course, a fantasy. Sadly, we would never elect a man of such integrity - a straightforward, honest, caring, and financially middle-class man like Dave. Our election process does not allow for this.

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Written by DJ and stephanie

This story has been told thousands of times with many variations.Recently, one senior villager In Benin,Nigeria West Africa Related torepparttar following version to some younger ones.

The fisherman returns home in his pirogue and is met by a foreign expert serving in this developing country.the expert asksrepparttar 132549 fisherman why he is back so early. He replies that he could have stayed out longer but that he had caught enough to care for his family."And now, what to do with all your time anyway?"repparttar 132550 expert asks. The fisherman responds:"well, i do a little fishing.I play with my kids.We all have a sieta when it gets hot. inrepparttar 132551 evening, we have supper together. Later i get together with my friends for some music and so no." The expert interrupt: "Look i have a university degree and have studied these matters.I want to help you. You should stay out fishing longer.Yoi would earn more and soon be able to purchase a bigger boat than this pirogue witha bigger boat you would earn still more and soon be able to build up a fleet of trawlers."

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