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Written by Thomas Choo

Hello friends ofrepparttar Internet

You are here inrepparttar 140250 Internet for a purpose, right ? You are either an Internet Surfer (for leisure, window shopping, or just browsing), or you could be an Internet Entrepreneur (looking for business opportunities to make money out ofrepparttar 140251 Internet). Whichever you are, you would probably know thatrepparttar 140252 Internet is a gigantic maze, with virtually infinite boundaries.

We are all here for a purpose, however hazy it may be. My purpose is to make money online, working from home. I do not call myself a guru (Oxford dictionary : an influential teacher or popular expert), although there are many self-proclaimed gurus out there. I make money and atrepparttar 140253 same time, help other people make money. No, I'm not into charity, but I am a strong believer that if you help others succeed, money will come naturally.

4 Simple Rules

If you are just starting to explore internet business, there are 4 simple rules to remember:

1.Know what you want to do. 2.Learn how to do it. 3.Sell your ideas/products or website effectively 4.Use common sense (which also means "Don't be greedy !")

There are countless get-rich-quick schemes available, some with guaranteed results, explosive income, instant rewards, and minimal efforts. Among those junk, there might be a few jewels that can achieve all ofrepparttar 140254 above, but I have not seen one. Or one which can be done with dignity, pride and integrity.

One of my good friends spent countless hours searching, spent nearly $4,000 online, and has so far made a grand profit of ….. $100. His personal conclusion is that most ofrepparttar 140255 online business opportunities are fake, or does not live up to its promise. This I believe isrepparttar 140256 experience of countless people hoping to generate multiple streams of income online, but faced with frustration, confusion, deception, unfulfilled promises, and many simply gave up. It has been reported that only 5% is successful inrepparttar 140257 online business industry

Onrepparttar 140258 brighter side, there are many who have made it, with sheer determination, persistence, creative thinking, and integrity. These arerepparttar 140259 people I will salute. They arerepparttar 140260 rightful Internet multi-millionaires, for they do not have to resort to scams, empty promises or make money by ripping people off.

Practical Ways To Get Started

Now on torepparttar 140261 practical aspects of starting a business online. There are numerous ways, with or without your own website. You can earn commissions as an affiliate (selling things for others online), you can try eBay, you can get paid doing online surveys or even as mystery shoppers, explore Google Cash system, andrepparttar 140262 list goes on.

Adsense/Adwords - make a million lose a million?

Written by Paul Foley

The orig version of this article can be found at: http://www.HelpmeBuilda.com/newsletters/news010505.asp - and it contains graphics.

but nonerepparttar less here it is:

Adsense and Adwords Make a Million Lose a Million? In this months newsletter I’m going to deal withrepparttar 140218 hot topic ofrepparttar 140219 moment. Everyone seems to be talking about how easy it is to make money with adsense using adwords - and it is.

Now there’s probably more than a few of you out there who perhaps know what one ofrepparttar 140220 two are but not both and I’m guessing that many of you don’t know how you can tie these two systems together in an attempt to make money – well don’t worry - that's what I'm going to explain today.

To start atrepparttar 140221 start:

Q. What is Adsense? A. Adsense is Googles name forrepparttar 140222 system that puts context sensitive ads on to your web pages (if you’ve included their script code). The idea behind this system is that if you run a site that has content on subject ‘cars’ thenrepparttar 140223 adsense adverts should be onrepparttar 140224 subject of ‘cars’ – not ‘DIY’ or ‘Mortgages’.

Q. Why would I be interested in letting Google put adverts on my website? A. Because you get paid per click, not per result but by click. Payments range from a few cents to over $10 a click – pretty compelling reason.

So, in simple terms you now have an overview of adsense (please readrepparttar 140225 rest ofrepparttar 140226 article before disappearing to register for an account). :-)

Q. What is Adwords? A. Adwords isrepparttar 140227 opposite of adsense, it is in fact Googles system for allowing you to advertise on other peoples websites (using adsense asrepparttar 140228 delivery mechanism).

Q. Why would I want to pay Google to advertise my site? A. There are many reasons why you might want to pay Google to advertise your site

Your site is brand new and not indexed yet You seem to be getting little or no traffic fromrepparttar 140229 search engines You want pre-qualified traffic for your service or product You want to make money with adsense I’ll be explaining that last point in detail so don’t worry.

It is worth considering those first three reasons in a little more detail (because they probably don’t make immediate sense to anyone who’s not overly familiar with internet marketing).

Site Indexing. When you have a brand new site that you’re really happy with and want to share withrepparttar 140230 world you need to let people know it’s there. This is done in many ways such as link exchanges, banner ads, email, etc.

However one ofrepparttar 140231 cheapest ways of gettingrepparttar 140232 word out, if you’re not bothered about speed, is to get indexed byrepparttar 140233 search engines (visited by and then added to their database). This will obviously involve a large search engine optimisation effort from you and be an ongoing process (because your competition will be doingrepparttar 140234 same). This means that when people search for a certain word or phrase you might be seen (depends on your SEO).

Traffic If you are competing in a very crowded arena it might be hard or impossible for you to get onrepparttar 140235 first page of Yahoo/Googles results for your chosen words or phrase, an example of this would berepparttar 140236 health and wellness market – there are over 120 million websites out there and some of them are VERY well done – so how are you going to beat them?

Pre-Qualified Traffic Traffic to a website is said to be pre-qualified if it has come from an advert for your subject area, a search engine search for your keyword/phrase or from a mailing list. By this example people who read my newsletter may be considered as being pre-qualified traffic onrepparttar 140237 subject of starting/improving an online business.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what they are you may have guessed how people try to make money with them, but I’ll explain anyway (just to make sure we’re all onrepparttar 140238 same page).

We buy cheap words in Adwords and display Adsense adverts for expensive words

You may think that this is an easy exercise but believe me it’s not.

Lets have a look at how this works in reality – note that word, not in our dreams, how does it ACTUALLY work.

If we develop a website withrepparttar 140239 keyword 'Mortgage' in mind (because we are selling information or products within this subject area) then fromrepparttar 140240 screen shot below we see that to advertise withrepparttar 140241 keyword 'Mortgage' it will cost a fortune! (screen shot taken from google adsense - these figures change daily - this is purely as an example)

We can see thatrepparttar 140242 average price per click is $12.78 - this is just for one click, not for a sale but just a visitor having clicked you advert to get to your site - and that's if we bid just over $39 a click, if you bid less you get less (if you bid 20 you get 2,400 hits and they cost $9.27). Obviouslyrepparttar 140243 adsense vendor site will not see anything like this amount of money (Google doesn't say what portion ofrepparttar 140244 advertiser money you will actually get).

So if you know that these keywords are really expensive (and there are keywords that cost up 8 times this value)repparttar 140245 question should come to mind - how much could I make with an information site on this subject?

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