Powder Coating the PAINT TECHNIQUE that is ABOVE the REST

Written by Maricon Williams

The paint can make and unmakerepparttar looks of your motorcycle. A wrong choice of paint can make yourepparttar 149086 laughing stock of your riderís club. So be very careful in choosing your motorcycle paint.

Have you ever heard of powder coating? Do you have any idea just what it is? Well if you donít, then this article is just what you need. Powder coating is one ofrepparttar 149087 best painting technique out there however not everybody is aware of it. In powder coatingrepparttar 149088 preparation is very important if you want to haverepparttar 149089 best paint job results. The preparation includesrepparttar 149090 stripping ofrepparttar 149091 motorcycle parts of all its paint. It is very important thatrepparttar 149092 motorcycle parts to be coated must be entirely stripped of any remaining paint, dirt, oil and any other substance. Sandblasting is required to completely cleanrepparttar 149093 motorcycle parts. Afterwards,repparttar 149094 motorcycle parts are going to be baked to get rid ofrepparttar 149095 moisture fromrepparttar 149096 metal. The motorcycle parts are now treated with degreasing solution to prevent from rusting.

The process of powder coating is used especially for selected motorcycle parts in which they are coated with fine powder of resin as well as pigment which is more of a ground up paint grains that form a powder-like substance. The items being coated are then hanged on a rack which groundsrepparttar 149097 item. A spray gun is then used to sprayrepparttar 149098 powder ontorepparttar 149099 motorcycle parts. Afterwards, spraying onrepparttar 149100 motorcycle parts, these are then baked on a large oven in order to curerepparttar 149101 coating. The usual temperature used for curing is between 400 and 450 degrees. Another purpose of curing and bakingrepparttar 149102 motorcycle parts is to meltrepparttar 149103 pigments, meltrepparttar 149104 gel in order to come up with a hard-wearing finish. The end product is an even coating.

What Matters Most in MOTORCYCLES?

Written by Maricon Williams

Just what matters most in motorcycle? Is it speed or is there something more? Motorcycles are probably onerepparttar most accessorized mode of transportation there is. Many motorcycle owners spend countless of dollars just to increaserepparttar 149085 engine performance of their bikes. And some of these engine performance parts include exhaust, fuel injection, mapping system and many more. Aside from that, countless accessories not only forrepparttar 149086 bikes but also forrepparttar 149087 owners are required only to be disappointed atrepparttar 149088 end. Such disappointment is due torepparttar 149089 fact that they have not gottenrepparttar 149090 desired performance they want.

Take for example trail riding wherein speed is not at all times required due torepparttar 149091 jaggedness ofrepparttar 149092 terrain. Additional accessories designed for speed may create some problems alongrepparttar 149093 way. Like your motorcycle may end up too much for you to handle. And some expert bikers say that some motorcycle accessories may even render your bikes to become slower. Likewise, some motorcycle accessories may even cause you,repparttar 149094 rider to meet an accident. An example of which is buying taller tires without considering geometry of your motorcycle. Such may cause a rider to lose balance and that can be fatal especially during trail riding.

Now, this doesnít mean that you are not going to buy any accessory for your motorcycle. However, it is imperative that you know just what motorcycle accessories you need and suppose to buy. Hereís a list of must have motorcycle accessories:

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