Postcard Direct Mail Marketing: 15 Ways To Grab Attention

Written by Alan Sharpe

If you use direct mail postcards to generate leads or sell a product or service, you need to create postcards that grab your prospectís attention. The place to do that is Side A,repparttar side that doesnít haverepparttar 148755 stamp and address on it. Here are some creative ways to getrepparttar 148756 attention of your potential buyers, some of which have worked extremely for well for my clients.

  1. feature a wacky photograph
  2. use a photo of your product in an unusual setting
  3. make an outrageous (but true) claim
  4. state your unique selling promise in an intriguing way
  5. present your prospect's problem (the one that your product or service solves) in a compelling way
  6. ask a provocative question, and putrepparttar 148757 answer on Side B
  7. feature a short quiz that stimulates interest in what you are selling
  8. just be blunt and put your offer in big letters ("SAVE 20% ON YOUR ORDER!")
  9. quote someone famous saying something profound about your product or service
  10. quote someone famous saying something profound about your prospect's greatest problem (the one your product or service solves). Example: "I've been on a diet for 14 days and so far all that I've lost is 14 days."
  11. show a before and after photograph
  12. show a photo of your product in action
  13. feature a series of photos that demonstrate your product in action
  14. ask a question that includes a blank, like this ___________, whichrepparttar 148758 reader fills in
  15. borrow credibility with a photo of a famous person using your product

Postcard direct mail marketing tips and ideas

Written by Alan Sharpe

Postcards are perhapsrepparttar least expensive way of reaching a large number of people with your sales message. Although they have their drawbacks, they are cost-effective at attracting new customers. But only if you follow some simple rules that professional direct mail copywriters follow.

Grab their attention on Side A

Side A isrepparttar 148195 side withrepparttar 148196 picture on it. One beauty of a direct mail postcard is that your prospective customer does not have to open it. There inrepparttar 148197 morning mail is your sales message, seen by all. So make sure you put something on Side A that arrestsrepparttar 148198 attention of your prospect. Here are some ideas:

1. a wacky photograph 2. a photo of your product in an unusual setting 3. an outrageous (but true) claim 4. your unique selling promise stated in a clever or intriguing way 5. your prospectís problem (the one that your product or service solves), stated or presented in a compelling way

The only goal of Side A is to arrest attention and stimulate interest. OK, so thatís two goals. You must motivate your prospect to turn your postcard over to readrepparttar 148199 other side. So make sure Side A is arresting and interesting but does not tell your whole story.

Sell them on Side B

Side B isrepparttar 148200 one withrepparttar 148201 address and postage stamp. Here you create desire and motive your reader to take action. You do not have much real estate upon which to give your sales pitch, so stick to your strongest benefit. Describe in clear, compelling language what your reader gets by buying your product or service. You donít have enough room here to say enough to make a sale, so just sellrepparttar 148202 next step.

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