Postal Rates Going Up Again

Written by Rocky Ramsey


Article Title: Postal Rates Going Up Again Article Author: Rocky Ramsey

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Postal Rates Going Up Again By Rocky Ramsey

The Postmaster General wants to raiserepparttar 118199 cost of a first-class stamp by at least 4 cents. Thankfully he doesn't want to do it until 2006, but by then he'll probably want more.

The constant raising of stamp prices causes a vicious circle. The post office raises stamp prices, people find ways to communicate without sending mail,repparttar 118200 post office's budget goes down and they have to raise prices again. Thenrepparttar 118201 whole thing starts over again.

I don't know about you, but I hardly ever mail anything anymore. I've even cut downrepparttar 118202 number of times I go torepparttar 118203 post office to 2 or 3 times a week. Aboutrepparttar 118204 only thing I get inrepparttar 118205 mail is bills now anyway. Who's in a hurry to see them?

Instead of mailing checks to pay bills, I have as many as I can paid through my savings account or automatically with a credit card. It saves me time and money.

Education enlarges us.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

Our education enlarges us.

In days of old, when life was bold, And schools owned fields and land, We played serene, acted out our dreams, With nothing dangerous being banned, Now we roll in late, grossly overweight, If we even deign to show our faces, Andrepparttar clipboard man with his cardboard plan, Puts us through our non sunburned paces, Now it appears all these stark fears, And dread of falling and disaster, Sold off our fields, while they but kneeled, To a politically correct Grand Master, So though obese, we are at peace, Though consuming rubbish we can smile, Though weighed down we seldom frown Because were much safer by a mile.

What price competition, breeding attrition, What use excellence when some must lose, Theres no Einstein and no Frankenstein Theres just fat drones from which to choose, Successive generations of a nation, Robbed ofrepparttar 118196 will to be fit and bright, Brainwashed by day, to their teachers way, Mentally chained torepparttar 118197 TV all night, We were naughty and lived past forty, And still have our health and mind, For we were schooled to different rules, That seemed cruel but were kind,

Its not obscene to have a dream, Not appalling to aspire to winning, Inrepparttar 118198 past someone came last, Butrepparttar 118199 victor was not sinning, And whatever face wonrepparttar 118200 race, Whatever hand held academic prizes, The losers were slim, and usedrepparttar 118201 gym, Were not mothball wrapped oversizes, Everyone gained from competitive games, From trying to be part of an elite, You raised your sights, you sawrepparttar 118202 light, Started thinking on your own feet.

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