Positive Law

Written by Terry Dashner

“Positive Law”

Based upon Nietzsche’s foundation of atheism,repparttar utilitarianism of Bentham and Mill, and a Darwinian view ofrepparttar 122184 development of human life, legal scholars started to formulate new theories of law. Eventually, positive law became known as legal realism. Legal realism is ‘theory in philosophy of law or jurisprudence broadly characterized byrepparttar 122185 claim thatrepparttar 122186 nature of law is better understood by observing what courts and citizens actually do than by analyzing stated legal rule and legal concepts. Legal realism inrepparttar 122187 United States, in its contemporary form, is known as critical legal studies.’

This movement has recently given rise to postmodern legal theory. Advocates of this theory believe that law is created and interpreted in such a way as to benefitrepparttar 122188 people in power and excluderepparttar 122189 poor and minorities. This legal theory hasrepparttar 122190 potential to elevaterepparttar 122191 will ofrepparttar 122192 human legislators overrepparttar 122193 will ofrepparttar 122194 masses. Let’s not leave out judges and their self-imposed sovereignty. Aren’t we seeing this kind of arrogance today? Item: Recentlyrepparttar 122195 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California, struck downrepparttar 122196 ban on partial birth abortion—saying it invaded a woman’s right to privacy. Item: A municipal judge in New York threw outrepparttar 122197 government’s case againstrepparttar 122198 mayor who disregarded state law and issued marriage licenses to gay couples. The judge said that he didn’t likerepparttar 122199 law. (Keep in mind, though,repparttar 122200 judge was appointed byrepparttar 122201 same mayor he let offrepparttar 122202 hook.)

A Tale of Three Essences

Written by Robina Hearle

Water of Enlightenment, Angel of Peace and Harmony for Nature are a trio of remarkable vibrational essences. They teach, raise our awareness and question what we know by their very existence. These three essences are even more remarkable because they are channelled essences. ''Oh boy, this is a hard one to swallow'' I hear you say. Just have an open mind and read on. The Essences came about because I asked my guide – (an enlightened being known as 'Star of Joseph') if he would help to produce some Essences for humanity at this time. He was delighted to do so and, over a period of timerepparttar three Essences were produced. So why would he bother? Well he has serious concerns for humanity andrepparttar 122183 planet. The Earth is going through great changes at this time. These Earth changes are affecting every level of life from plankton and amoeba to trees, animals, humans andrepparttar 122184 earth itself. It is Star of Josephs main work to help healrepparttar 122185 planet. Earth changes are happening somewhere onrepparttar 122186 globe every few days now. We are having extremes of weather and a lot of it! Volcanoes and earth quakes are becoming more prevalent, withrepparttar 122187 frequency and magnitude increasing. Asrepparttar 122188 earth changes speed up, sorepparttar 122189 human population becomes more stressed. One reflectsrepparttar 122190 other. The effects ofrepparttar 122191 human population becoming stressed is even more fear and extremes of behaviour, from road rage, civil unrest, terrorism, wars and a rise in murders. Time has speeded up. We are atrepparttar 122192 end of one spiral of time, and moving towardsrepparttar 122193 beginning of a new spiral and great change. However,repparttar 122194 consequences of all this are a stressed planet and people.

Water of Enlightenment gives peoplerepparttar 122195 courage to facerepparttar 122196 difficulties that lie ahead. When we are afraid, our deep hidden fears are triggered and these old fears come bubbling torepparttar 122197 surface. The courage imbued in us by this Essence helps us to face these old fears as well as any situation in which we find ourselves. In this way our 'expansion growth' is speeded up. As beings we grow in spiritual terms as our awareness deepens. Correspondinglyrepparttar 122198 more experiences we have,repparttar 122199 more we learn from them and sorepparttar 122200 more our awareness grows. This process is known as expansion or Enlightenment. Hencerepparttar 122201 name ofrepparttar 122202 Essence, which was not given without due thought! Water of Enlightenment speeds our expansion growth because we are givenrepparttar 122203 courage to face our fears, overcome them and move past them. Thus we grow up in ourselves.

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