Portrait of a Sales Genius

Written by Richard Israel

Ralph Roberts wasn’t born beingrepparttar best at what he does. In fact you’ll read that he was pretty hopeless at other businesses. The key was that he found something he had a passion for, turned it into a dream and didn’t mind working harder than anyone else he knew.

Ralph Roberts manages to sell 600 houses a year! In 1995 Time Magazine named him ‘America’s top realtor.’ Ralph is so good that real estate agents from aroundrepparttar 127233 country pay forrepparttar 127234 opportunity to ‘shadow’ him so they can learn aboutrepparttar 127235 methods he uses.

Born in 1956, he got a job as a teenager cutting a neighbor’s lawn for $10 a time, while allrepparttar 127236 neighbor hood kids were charging $5-because he convincedrepparttar 127237 neighbor he would do a better job. As a recent high school graduate in 1975,repparttar 127238 Warren, Michigan dynamo took $900 and invested it in a three-bedroom house. ‘I moved in and rented out all three bedrooms to different people,’ said Ralph, author of Walk Like A Giant, Sell Like A Madman. ‘I lived inrepparttar 127239 hallway.’

Overrepparttar 127240 next 15 years, Ralph lived in 23 houses, selling each one at a profit and moving on torepparttar 127241 next opportunity. Although Ralph seems to have been born with a knack for selling, he wasn’t born knowing how to succeed. He claims that he wasrepparttar 127242 class clown at school and could have been votedrepparttar 127243 ‘most likely not to succeed.’ In fact, he failed at several business ventures before he discovered his gift for selling real estate. Despiterepparttar 127244 heartache they caused, Ralph says he’s grateful forrepparttar 127245 failures, which preceded his success because each one taught him valuable lessons that brought him closer to realize his dreams.

‘To be successful you must surround yourself with successful people’ says Ralph who runs his real estate sales business withrepparttar 127246 help of a secretary, two listing agents, two buying agents and one closing coordinator.

Ralph believes that setting goals, writing them down with specifics about how you want to achieve them and visualizing them are absolutely essential for success. One of his goals is to pay $1 million a year in taxes. Another is to do $1million a month in business with a particular investor group he works with. To symbolize this goal he often passes out fake $1 million notes to those investors.

Twice a year, Ralph’s key staff comes to his house for a workday during which they storyboardrepparttar 127247 area in which they work. They set goals, brain storm and put good ideas down in an ‘idea ofrepparttar 127248 week’ book. Employees are encouraged to write ideas inrepparttar 127249 book whenever they occur, even ifrepparttar 127250 timing isn’t quite right yet for implementation. Ralph and his department heads look throughrepparttar 127251 book regularly. Often they find a good idea that they had forgotten about and realize that now isrepparttar 127252 time to implement it.

The book is also used to ‘educate’ new employees. ‘When we hire someone we have them readrepparttar 127253 book and buy intorepparttar 127254 concept,’ Ralph notes. ‘If they don’t we don’t want them working for us because we only want people with us who share our vision.’

Need A Sales Boost – Try These!

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

The telephone is stillrepparttar best and most effective way to reach people. It can help generate more sales and build your business. Unfortunately most people don’t likerepparttar 127232 telephone and don’t use it effectively. In order to become more proficient usingrepparttar 127233 telephone, you need to follow some basic guidelines and then practice, practice and then practice some more.

Like everything else, selling by usingrepparttar 127234 telephone has changed overrepparttar 127235 years. The hard sell approach doesn’t cut it today. With voice mail, answering machines, tele-zappers, and caller IDrepparttar 127236 old fashion way doesn’t work any longer.

If you are selling a high end product, trying to do it all onrepparttar 127237 first call doesn’t work. You need to go through a couple of stages to get your end result –repparttar 127238 sale. First you need to introduce yourself. Tell them about you, your business and your product. Next try to set up an appointment to go into further detail. Or maybe send some information before calling again. Moving one step at a time givesrepparttar 127239 customer time to become familiar with you and your product. It also gives your customer time to realize how important your product is to them.

You need to be confident and positive. As we have told many of our students, if you don’t feel like getting onrepparttar 127240 phones – don’t. That negativity and lack of enthusiasm is going to come through onrepparttar 127241 telephone. Many years ago when I was working in corporate America as a receptionist my supervisor told me to always answerrepparttar 127242 telephone with a smile on. That smile carried over intorepparttar 127243 impressionrepparttar 127244 caller received when contacting a company.

So be sure that a positive attitude comes through . Remember,repparttar 127245 old adage, “you must first sell yourself, then sell your product”.

Also of utmost importance is to know what you want to say. If you use a script, have it handy, but don’t just read it. I can tell immediately when a call I get is being read from a script. Write down an opening statement (for example, Hi , my name is Susan from Home Business Solutions. I’m calling aboutrepparttar 127246 home you have for sale. Are yourepparttar 127247 person to speak with? What’s your name?). Make notes of points you need to cover. Practice saying what you want to say until it comes naturally. Be sure you make strong statements. Avoidrepparttar 127248 words: maybe, could, but.

You also need to know your product. You have to perceive its value before you can convince someone else. You have to know what it does, how it works, and be able to describe it in terms thatrepparttar 127249 layman can understand. You also need to explainrepparttar 127250 benefits of your product.

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