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Written by John Thomas

The success of Indian democracy with more than 1 billion population, 29 states, 7 union territories and 1600 languages/dialects presents a true image of unity in diversity. With a civilization more than 5000 years old, India reflects rich culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations. Invasions and migrations have contributed torepparttar diversity of Indian culture with convergence of different habits, faiths and practices.

India is a land of festivals. Indian festivals differ in associated religious, social and seasonal elements. Some festivals welcomerepparttar 132167 seasons ofrepparttar 132168 year,repparttar 132169 harvest,repparttar 132170 rains, orrepparttar 132171 full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions,repparttar 132172 birthdays of divine beings, saints, and gurus (revered teachers), orrepparttar 132173 advent ofrepparttar 132174 New Year. List of Indian festivals is as long as diversity in their origin. Many festivals are common throughoutrepparttar 132175 country while others are specific to geographic regions and religious beliefs.

Indian cuisine is world renowned for its rich assortment of spices and tastes. Influence of geography, religion, race and foreign culture is truly reflected by Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine can be broadly classified into North and South Indian cuisine. Wheat is staple part of North Indian cuisine whereas rice is a must in South Indian meal. The Mughlai food is very common in Delhi, Hyderabad and Lucknow. Wazwan, a 24-course banquet, is popular in Kashmir. Seafood and coconut based food are very prevalent in Goa, Kerala and West Bengal. Rice, sambhar and dosa are specialties of Southern part of India.

Looking through Terri Schiavoís Eyes

Written by RobinRenee Bridges

Iím a chaplain, and I thought some of you might be interested in a very different point of view about this. Iím not suggesting that you believe me, nor am I arguing for a ďside.Ē This is just whatrepparttar Sanctuary teaches, and this is what I believe.

Terriís soul is alive and well, and itís still attached to her body. The essence of Terri, her soul, is not in some state of limbo. Her soul is aware of everything going on around her just like near-death experiencers can be aware of their surroundings. Terri is actively participating in a spiritual change in society. This is a test for usÖto see if we are spiritually mature enough to dorepparttar 132166 right thing.

And what isrepparttar 132167 right thing in Godís eyes? God gives life, and He brings it home when itís time.

To withhold food and water from any living creature with a soul is unthinkable. Even though Terriís brain might not be aware of it, and even though she might not suffer physically from it, our society would be held accountable for its choice. Food and water is not a matter of artificially extending life. Itís an act of mercy. If Terri is given food and water, her body will digest and metabolize it. When itís time for Terri to die, her body will stop doing that.

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