Portal Marketing

Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

The goal of every good marketing campaign is to reach its "target market". Whether that be new or existing customers, entire or niche markets, to promoterepparttar company as a whole or a specific product;repparttar 128016 measurement of a marketing campaign's success is how wellrepparttar 128017 target market is reached. And how wellrepparttar 128018 target market responds.

Advertisers spend tremendous amounts of time, money, and effort determining demographics of target markets to best aim their ad campaigns. Sometimes more market research is performed thanrepparttar 128019 entire timerepparttar 128020 product being prepared for market spent in research and development.

Large market survey companies have evolved to assist advertisers in this process. Many pay participants for their opinions to gain wide and valid data regarding responses to products and their advertising messages.

Atrepparttar 128021 same time, publishers, broadcasters, cable companies and a whole other host of folks who sell advertising time or space perform similar demographic research to better assist advertisers in reaching their "target markets". They note which shows are most watched, which columns are most read, which drive times are most listened to. They record which population segments are receiving these audio, video, and printed messages.

All this information is combined to provide a better opportunity for advertisers to get their targeted marketing message to their target market.

Onrepparttar 128022 internet, there is an additional way to target your marketing message. The internet has changed numerous facets ofrepparttar 128023 marketing world. Thanks torepparttar 128024 speed with which information can be gathered and then re-distributed,repparttar 128025 internet has even changedrepparttar 128026 way we view marketing information. Whole new terms for marketing and advertising have evolved: spam, mass email, pop up and pop under windows, exit windows, banner exchanges, and more. Do you notice that all these terms have a negative connotation torepparttar 128027 internet user? Not so withrepparttar 128028 topic of today's article.

Portal Marketing isrepparttar 128029 development of advertising messages which are displayed to very targeted groups of internet users.

First, you have to understand what a portal website is. Portals are webpages that serve as mini-directories on very targeted subjects. Portals may be made up of specific groups of web sites who are paying for their advertising or listing onrepparttar 128030 portal site, or they may be made up of web sites added byrepparttar 128031 portal owner because he or she felt they were of value to other internet users interested inrepparttar 128032 portal's topic. Or they might be made up of a combination of both.

Portals do not attempt to cataloguerepparttar 128033 entire internet. Portals are much likerepparttar 128034 hub or center of a wagon wheel. They are a jumping off point for links or spokes to numerous web resources on a like subject.

So what does that mean forrepparttar 128035 advertiser?

Portal sites are very targeted sites to disseminate your marketing message. They are recognized as valuable resources torepparttar 128036 demographic groups you are trying to reach. They are ranked high in numerous search engines because they do a fantastic job of playingrepparttar 128037 link popularity game. They also are only too happy to have you marketing within their walls.

A Visit with Adam Soroca, a Representative from Terra Lycos

Written by Robin Nobles

Recently,repparttar Academy of Web Specialists (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com) hadrepparttar 128015 good fortune of having Adam Soroca, a representative from Terra Lycos (http://www.lycos.com), attend a chat session to visit with our students. Mr. Soroca provided some excellent information about Terra Lycos as well as their plans forrepparttar 128016 future.

As means of introduction, Adam isrepparttar 128017 Group Product Manager for Lycos InSite and is in charge of building a comprehensive suite of search marketing tools. He has general management responsibilities forrepparttar 128018 vision, execution, and delivery ofrepparttar 128019 Web-based platforms.

Adam explained further,

“I am charged with building a search marketing platform for Lycos. We launched our first product based on paid inclusion intorepparttar 128020 FAST Web index in February of this year. We were very quickly able to prove that by nature of our brand and presence, search marketers would come to visit for search marketing services.

“Two weeks ago, we launched our second product, InSite AdBuyer, a cost-per-click ad auction engine. Both of these products are designed aroundrepparttar 128021 concept of contextual advertising, so that a searcher is presented with highly relevant information when performing a search.

“While our platform is currently focused on our own index, we seek to provide one-stop access for all search marketing needs, including multiple index submission and multiple bid-management capabilities. All of these are designed to drive traffic (i.e., customer acquisition). We are also looking further downrepparttar 128022 visitor experience torepparttar 128023 ROI side to encompass campaign management.”

The following are questions asked by Academy students to Mr. Soroca.

Question: “I see when I do a search on Lycos that there is an 'advertisement' onrepparttar 128024 right side. Is thisrepparttar 128025 InSite AdBuyer?”

Adam: “Correct. Those arerepparttar 128026 AdBuyer cost-per-click ads. Our advertisers bid to be inrepparttar 128027 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions.

“These are highly targeted ads as they are exact match keyword driven. So behindrepparttar 128028 scenes, advertisers are involved in a bidding auction to vie for that space.”

Question: “When someone clicksrepparttar 128029 'place your ad here' link, does it show whatrepparttar 128030 bids are forrepparttar 128031 keywords in question, so you know what you have to bid against?”

Adam: “No, actually we don't displayrepparttar 128032 prices onrepparttar 128033 front end. To viewrepparttar 128034 prices for particular keywords, advertisers must sign up for an account and view that inrepparttar 128035 advertisers’ area.”

Question: “What results does FAST supply to Lycos?”

Adam: “FAST currently provides Lycos with our search results. Our paid inclusion platform enables Web site owners and marketers to guarantee that their Web content is included inrepparttar 128036 Web index and frequently refreshed. This differs from paid placement in thatrepparttar 128037 paid inclusion customers do not necessarily show up inrepparttar 128038 top ofrepparttar 128039 results just because they paid us. This content is viewed byrepparttar 128040 relevancy algorithm and displayed appropriately.

“Currently this program is available to small/mid size companies for an annual subscription. For larger companies, it will be available at a cost-per-click (those sites >1,000 URL’s). Paid placement and paid inclusion are two separate products. If you bid for placement, you pay for actual clicks. If you buy paid inclusion, that means that your pages are guaranteed to be inrepparttar 128041 Web index (spiders can't find everything), andrepparttar 128042 content will be updated every 24-48 hours. So, if your content changes,repparttar 128043 index will reflect that much more quickly. With an index of 2.1 billion documents, it can take FAST a while to recrawlrepparttar 128044 entire index. This program guarantees you are in there.”

Question: “So, you have to pay for inclusion before you bid for placement? Is this what I understand?”

Adam: “They are two separate programs. The paid inclusion relates to FAST andrepparttar 128045 Web index. The paid placement relates torepparttar 128046 three ad panels that display on Lycos Search.”

Question: “And your placement number in Lycos is then based onrepparttar 128047 algorithm ofrepparttar 128048 page submitted?”

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