Portable Technology: Getting to Know the Treo

Written by Simon Canfield

Up untilrepparttar recent past, those who wanted to take advantage of a mobile phone, data organizer, wireless e-mail with text messaging, web browsing and a digital camera had to have separate units for each. With today’s technology comesrepparttar 135866 Treo – offering all of those features in one small hand-held unit. These pocket-sized marvels even offer a fully functional standard keyboard, enabling users to fulfill all of their communication needs as they would fromrepparttar 135867 PC at work or home. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to use!

The Treo offers a wide range of accessories and software that will help to customize and enhance your hand-held experience. Among these are cradles, cables, cases, belt clips, car kits, headsets, headphones, SD/MMC cards, e-books, games, specialized ring tones and travel software. While these are add-ons, there’s also a wide variety of built-in features, which include a To Do List, Memo Pad, Advanced Calculator, CityTime World Clock, desktop synchronization for Windows or Mac and calendar, to name a few.

Starting – in some cases – at $299, this portable communications center is well worthrepparttar 135868 price, and is compatible with a number of different phone carriers. Utilizing an infrared communications port and a touch-screen with stylus,repparttar 135869 Treo holds features that will entice virtually every consumer. The possibilities are practically limitless, when you considerrepparttar 135870 variety of software options that are available (these, of course, will have to be purchased separately).

Some ofrepparttar 135871 styles ofrepparttar 135872 Treo includerepparttar 135873 600 and 650 models –repparttar 135874 latter being a bit more advanced in its technology. Prices will vary, depending upon model, features and retailer, but some good sales can be found online, if you haverepparttar 135875 time to do some research.

What are DV camcorders all about?

Written by Jakob Jelling

Since they appeared, DV or Digital Video Camcorders turnedrepparttar home video shooting and creation into a much easier activity than it was before. Among their many advantages, DV camcorders made it possible for every camcorder user to be able to cut and edit their videos without much difficulty as well as to enjoy a much higher video quality than before.

DV camcorders allow their users to shoot and edit without having to recur to someone else's help or even needing an extra device for it. Most DV camcorders allow users to cut images and edit right after having shotrepparttar 135758 movie and by just using some ofrepparttar 135759 camcorder controls.

The image and sound ofrepparttar 135760 shots taken with DV camcorders are of an extremely higher quality than they were withrepparttar 135761 older camcorders. This way, DV camcorders not only facilitate their users' job but also provide them withrepparttar 135762 best quality final product they could have. Movies shot with DV camcorders can be also easily uploaded to PCs, allowing this wayrepparttar 135763 use of many different edition software, sendingrepparttar 135764 images to a friend, and any many other possibilities.

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