Portable Careers for Military Spouses

Written by Victoria M. Parham

"Pack your Career and Letís Go"

How many times have you relocated? How many jobs have you held inrepparttar past 10 years? Do these questions sound familiar? I bet they do. Military spouses face unique challenges when it comes to their professional careers. Many have maderepparttar 107121 decision to foregorepparttar 107122 careers of their active duty spouse before their own. However technology is opening doors and creating opportunity for military spouses to establish careers that travel with them.

Portable careers are a growing trend amongrepparttar 107123 military spouse community. Frequent relocations once frowned upon, are now being welcomed with open arms thanks torepparttar 107124 wonderful world of technology andrepparttar 107125 Internet. Military spouses can now utilize their talents, skills, and abilities to launch viable virtual companies at home and/or in cyberspace.

Fast dialup connections and high speed Internet access enable spouses to conduct business online in real time onrepparttar 107126 web from anywhere inrepparttar 107127 world, literally. From Alaska to Japan, from New York to Florida spouses are able to sell products and services to clients aroundrepparttar 107128 globe.

Why is this new way of working so appealing to military spouses? Great question! Spouses look forward to those three little words every three to four years, ďHoney, weíre moving. In times past this meant quitting a job and starting all over, portable careers however allow a spouse to take not only their career/business but also his/her clientele, this benefit alone eliminatesrepparttar 107129 reduction in household income.


Written by Liana Metal

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be atrepparttar start of a new era? Itís a thrilling feeling of achievement, and a great confidence Ėbooster as well.

As a mom of two, Iíve had to share my life between my family and my job in a school. Iíve spent long days and nights caring forrepparttar 107120 others, until, one day after years, I came upon my sonís newly purchased computer.

Since then Iíve been a computer addict -(mind you, I didnít even know how to turn it on at first!)- and I finally got started in my new online career: Book Reviewing!

It had never occurred to me that I could get all that information fromrepparttar 107121 web; after all, my son and daughter used it only for playing games for hours on end. But it proved to be a very useful tool to me, and to my kids inrepparttar 107122 long run.

At first , everyone inrepparttar 107123 family teased me watching me try to learn allrepparttar 107124 nuts and bolts of this device.

ĎItís forrepparttar 107125 kids,í my husband would say. ĎYou will only get frustrated and tired. Itís not for you, at your age!í

However, I was not discouraged! ĎWhatís wrong with my age? Being in my forties is not a problem . I can still learn a lot !í I would reply.

And I was right. After a couple of months of perseverance , I started feeling confident enough to handle it , and now, my kids started asking me to explain to them a couple of tech things! Imagine that!

I still canít believe it Iíve learned so many things all on my own. Of course , I was always trying to find some spare time Ėand that wasrepparttar 107126 hardest part of it Ė but inrepparttar 107127 end I followed a specific timetable that proved to be a very good idea. I had also to buy a book aboutrepparttar 107128 Internet , a mini guide , butrepparttar 107129 rest ofrepparttar 107130 information was available online. Apart from getting educated in this field, Iíve also made some great new friends all overrepparttar 107131 world.

Book reviewing was an unexpected activity I came across while reading a newsletter online. Since Iím an avid reader , I took to it at once. Now, I review print books, e-books, I maintain my own site online and I send articles to various sites all overrepparttar 107132 world. Freelancing online is a great way to reach people and places everywhere onrepparttar 107133 planet.

Coming back to book reviewing, I find it great as I get a lot of free copies from authors and companies from all overrepparttar 107134 world, and I add them to my bookshelf. Reviewing other peopleís books has also helped me to learn how to write my own book . I have even learnt how to make a PDF book, an electronic book . I would like to share some information with you in case you are interested in becoming a book reviewer.

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