Pork Barrel and The FED

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Andrew Jackson Establishes The Pork Barrel: The forces for corruption in government were there fromrepparttar start. Thomas Jefferson put it well in a letter to Lafayette in 1823 when he wrote: "I do not believe withrepparttar 149559 Rochefoucaults and Montaignes, that fourteen of fifteen men are rogue. I believe a great abatement from that proportion may be made in favor of general honesty. But I have always found that rogues would be uppermost, and I do not know thatrepparttar 149560 proportion is to strong forrepparttar 149561 higher orders... These set out with stealingrepparttar 149562 people's good opinion, and then steal from themrepparttar 149563 right of withdrawing it by contriving laws and associations againstrepparttar 149564 power ofrepparttar 149565 people themselves."

How Disabled Veterans Can Win Government Contracts

Written by Brian Cook

The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) is a program that allows small businesses to self-certify as service-disabled veteran-owned businesses providing them increased opportunities to win government contracts. Significantly and permanently impaired veterans may be assisted inrepparttar daily business operations by a spouse or permanent caregiver.

Should a competitor challenge a small business’ standing as a service-disabled veteran-owned small businessrepparttar 149238 case must be referred torepparttar 149239 Small Business Administration (SBA) for resolution.

Even though having your firm certified as an SDVOSB business can help increase your competitiveness in winning government contracts, there are exclusions from SDVOSB set-aside rules, including: Federal Prison Industries; Javits-Wagner-O’Day organizations; existing IDIQ contracts; federal supply schedule sources; requirements currently inrepparttar 149240 8(a) program; and commissary sales.

Two types of SDVOSB justification includes sole source and set aside, which are reviewed below.

The SDVOSB Sole source justification may be used ifrepparttar 149241 Contracting Officer (CO) determines that: a SDVOSB concern is a responsible contractor with respect to performance; there is not a reasonable expectation that 2 or more small business concerns owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans will submit offers forrepparttar 149242 contracting opportunity;repparttar 149243 anticipated award price ofrepparttar 149244 contract (including options) will not exceed $5 million inrepparttar 149245 case of a contract opportunity assigned in NAICS codes for manufacturing; or $3 million inrepparttar 149246 case of any other contract opportunity; andrepparttar 149247 contract award can be made at a fair and reasonable price.

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