Porcelain Dolls - not just for kids anymore

Written by Johann Erickson

Doll collecting isrepparttar second most popular hobby inrepparttar 116190 U.S., and it’s easy to see why. Porcelain Dolls transport us back to our childhood and evoke memories that no other toy can match. We remember our first doll, our favorite doll,repparttar 116191 doll we loved to pieces andrepparttar 116192 beautiful doll we kept on a high shelf. We rememberrepparttar 116193 comfort and love our dolls gave us andrepparttar 116194 first time we realized we were too old for our dolls. But were we really?

Consider porcelain dolls, they’rerepparttar 116195 perfect collectible doll. With delicate faces and hands, they remind us of why we loved dolls so much inrepparttar 116196 first place. There are tiny, precious newborn porcelain dolls, child-like porcelain dolls in fancy attire, and porcelain dolls based on favorite characters.

Porcelain doll collecting can be addictive, andrepparttar 116197 choices can be overwhelming. There are artist dolls, made by hand in limited numbers; antique porcelain dolls, which are scarce; limited edition dolls, which are mass-produced but only in limited numbers; reproductions, that often attempt to duplicate popular antique or rare dolls; and many, many other types of porcelain dolls.

Are you using incense burners as decoration? You should

Written by Johann Erickson

When you think of incense burners, you probably think ofrepparttar most common ash catcher style, a flat piece of wood with simple drilled holes to holdrepparttar 116189 incense. These simple incense burners are classic, and a great way to hold your incense, but there’s a whole world of beautiful and unusual incense burners to choose from.

Incense burners come in every shape, style, and color imaginable. There are incense burners for stick incense, coil incense, and resin incense. You needn’t store incense burners away or hide them in a corner. The burners themselves can be great focal points in your decor. There are incense burner boxes, bowls, statues, bottles, carvings, and hangings. From intricately detailed, to sleek and simple, there’s an incense burner to match your decor and setrepparttar 116190 perfect mood.

Of course,repparttar 116191 most beautiful incense burner is one you can make yourself. Simply choose a heat-resistant bowl in whatever material and design appeals to you most. It can be a simple terra cotta bowl or a detailed carved bowl. Fillrepparttar 116192 bowl with enough sand to hold up an incense stick. Then decorate by placing any non-flammable material on top ofrepparttar 116193 sand. Seashells, river rocks, and sea glass are all great choices for decorating your incense bowl.

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