Popup Killers - Not just killing that Popup but also your Revenue!

Written by Jason Hulott

Withrepparttar increased use of popups on sites - when you enter, when you leave, while you are there - Popup killers (or stoppers) are allrepparttar 131704 rage.

Companies use Popup killers as a marketing tool for frustrated webusers - they killrepparttar 131705 Popup,repparttar 131706 webuser uses their service be it as an ISP or Toolbar.

New ISP Disks, Toolbars, and Browsers all now come with some form of Popup killer. While we all want to stoprepparttar 131707 frustration of having several popups being delivered while surfing aroundrepparttar 131708 web, torepparttar 131709 webmaster a Popup killer can totally kill a site's normal functionality.

** What do I mean?

If I said rename a Popup killer to a Javascript killer,(which is how some Popup killers work), then you will get thegist!

With some SEOs advocating hiding links that they don't want a search engine to spider or to hide affiliate links within Javascript functions, having a user visit your site with a Popup killer enabled could kill more than that annoying Popup.

It could mean that when a user clicks on your apply button or affiliate link, it won't work! The user can click on it as often as they like. It won't work!

The Budget Webmaster’s 6 Step Guide to Improving Existing Rankings in Google

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

The Budget Webmaster’s 6 Step Guide to Improving Existing Rankings in Google Copyright © 2004 Tinu AbayomiPaul

You knowrepparttar scenario. You get an occasional click from Google for a certain keyword. You go to find out why you aren’t getting more clicks, and you find out that you’re ranked inrepparttar 131702 30's, 50's, or heaven forbid,repparttar 131703 300's. “Great”, you think, “I finally get ranked for a good keyword and it’s a worthless ranking”.

Not necessarily.

If you got ranked for a keyword you wanted At All,repparttar 131704 game’s not over yet. If your site’s content is geared towards that subject, you can get your ranking in search engines increased, at no cost. How?

The first thing you want to do is find out how well you are ranked for this keyword. For Google in particular, this used to be a difficult chore. Inrepparttar 131705 old days of 2003, you’d spend your valuable time doing a search on your desired keyword, then a sub-search for your site, and crawling through pages of listings to find out exactly where you stood.

Now there is hope inrepparttar 131706 form ofrepparttar 131707 following website. Direct your browser to:


You can use this site to find out what number you come up for inrepparttar 131708 Google listings, which can be very powerful information if used correctly. If you’re ranked inrepparttar 131709 top 1000, you have a shot at raising your listing for that page by tweakingrepparttar 131710 page to be a little more relevant.

So, secondly, you have to know how good a shot you have at getting a better listing. Go to:


I posted a tip about this a month ago, and it’s also inrepparttar 131711 free optimization Guide I releasedrepparttar 131712 week of March 7th. It tells you how hard it is to rank well for certain keywords in Google. You’ll need a free Google API key to use it.

Now that you know your chances,repparttar 131713 third piece of information you need to know is how much traffic you can expect. Digital Point has a free tool that gives an approximation of how many hits per day a good ranking gets. Access it here:


Okay, let’s say everything checks out so far. You rank inrepparttar 131714 top 1000. The term you want won’t be that hard to get, and will get you enough traffic per month to justify your efforts.

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