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Written by David A. Saharkhiz

You've spend hours onrepparttar internet searching for a quality domain name and help with HTML, but you have yet to come across a cheap and reliable web hosting service. Look no more! We've analyzed some ofrepparttar 105955 better web hosting services and have compiled a list ofrepparttar 105956 better ones out there.

Infinology Hosting (infinology.com) is one ofrepparttar 105957 best web hosting providers, and is very fast and reliable. Infinology offers 750 megabytes of web space and 45 gigabytes of data transfer for $6.95 a month. Setup is free, and you can upload via SSL, and MySQL and ASP are intalled by default. A shopping cart is also part ofrepparttar 105958 standard package. Thinkhost (thinkhost.com) is another very fast and reliable server. For a dirt cheap $4.95 a month, you get 110 megabytes of server space, 5000 megabytes of bandwidth, 10 mailboxes, and more!

How to select a WEB HOST - Web Hosting Review

Written by REBOOK SRS

Here are some things you should look for when comparing basic web hosts:

1)How much storage space doesrepparttar web host provide? 2)How much does each additional meg of storage space cost? 3)How much bandwidth is allowed each month? 4)How much does it cost for each additional gig of data transfer? 5)Which OS doesrepparttar 105954 server use? (Linux or Windows?) 6)Is CGI-Bin access allowed? 7)Are any pre-configured scripts installed? Which ones? 8)How many FTP accounts are included? 9)Is a shell account included? 10)Is there a database? What is it? 11)Is there support for JSP, Java Servlets, Perl, C++, TCL, PHP, and Python? 12)Will you have access to your raw server log files?

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