Popping Pimples – Is it worth it?

Written by Peter Crump

Everyone, it seems, has a different opinion on popping pimples, and for every magazine article you find that urges you to keep your hands away, you’ll find another that says it’s no big deal. And when you have a huge quivering mass on your nose that seems as though it’s threatening to take over your whole face, popping that pimple can seem likerepparttar best way to get rid ofrepparttar 146200 thing. Anyone who has ever suffered with acne can tell you that popping pimples is one ofrepparttar 146201 perverse pleasures associated withrepparttar 146202 condition, and can become almost addictive. But beware – popping is not alwaysrepparttar 146203 best way to get rid of pimples overnight, and can in fact makerepparttar 146204 whole thing a lot uglier.

How to get rid of pimples has been an issue that has plagued acne sufferers since time immemorial, but there is unfortunately very little that will successfully get rid of pimples overnight. While pimple popping might seem likerepparttar 146205 answer, it is something that should only be used on a zit-by-zit basis. There is little doubt that releasingrepparttar 146206 goo from a protruding white head can be extremely satisfying – but pimple popping should be reserved for this type of zit alone. Thoughrepparttar 146207 red cyst-like pimples that linger just beneath your skin can hurt like anything and can induce you to prod them with a needle or other pointed instrument in some attempt to get rid ofrepparttar 146208 thing, trying to pop this type of pimple simply won’t work, and –repparttar 146209 last thing that any acne sufferer wants – might actually prolongrepparttar 146210 life ofrepparttar 146211 pimple.

Acne Scars – Getting Rid of Bad Memories!

Written by Peter Crump

Acne scars can often berepparttar final reminder of a bad time inrepparttar 146199 life of a person’s skin. Though acne is one ofrepparttar 146200 most common skin disorders, most former patients feel no need to display their scars like war wounds from a hard won battle, and once sufferers have achievedrepparttar 146201 clear skin they have longed for so long, they move swiftly into a new fight – how to remove, or at least lessen, their acne scars.

Just as there are different types of acne, there are also different types of acne scar. Whilerepparttar 146202 painful cyst type acne usually leaves scarring of some kind, some former patients find themselves with minimal damage after suffering with this type ofrepparttar 146203 condition, while others who have had more superficial blemishes find that they scar badly. Scars are caused by bothrepparttar 146204 build-up of excess tissue and byrepparttar 146205 loss of tissue due to acne, andrepparttar 146206 type of treatment that is appropriate will vary from patient to patient. But medical advances have led to a number of new developments, which means that there is even an effective treatment for deep acne scars available.

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