Popeye and BIO-RAM

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

BIO-RAM, OAK RIDGES: - Inrepparttar April, 2000 issue of Scientific American that highlighted 'Quantum Teleporting' there was a brief report onrepparttar 142776 discovery from 1999 at Oak Ridges National Laboratory (key to Atomic Bomb research and Black Ops or secret programs) of a biological part of future computers.

The chlorophyll receptors of spinach have been used to make part of a computer chip. The report went on to say in three years they will have a complete circuit and self-powered chip. The self-powered aspect when joined withrepparttar 142777 peptides which self-replicate in Bill Joy's Wired Magazine article will provide some truly interesting possibilities that Joy and Kurzweil (Awardedrepparttar 142778 1999 National Award for Technology by Bill Clinton in March 2000, see Wired Magazine, Mar/Apr. 2000, for Bill Joy's article.) are confident will enable our human obsolescence as workers. It seems a little funny that one of my youthful philosophers 'Popeye' (I Yam what I Yam.) liked spinach and it will be part of this amazing aspect of technology. The Sylons of 'Battlestar Galactica' are soon to be a reality if we don't get our ethics in order. The 'Yam' also convinced leading botanists who felt there was no European contact beforerepparttar 142779 second millennium AD that there was indeed trade and trans-oceanic travel with America. Actually that wasrepparttar 142780 American Sweet Potato which might be only a yam inrepparttar 142781 vernacular.

Microsoft CRM messaging through Lotus Domino email server - balanced solution

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft CRM and IBM Lotus Notes Domino seem to be taking completely different paths and if company is Microsoft oriented - we see MS CRM, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, etc. Inrepparttar case of Lotus Domino - it is opposite - Lotus is corporate Information Media and could technically play CRM role with internal messaging coming through Lotus Domino server. However realities of modern corporation give us multiple examples when Microsoft CRM and Lotus Domino should coexist in compromise. There are several reasons why corporation doesn't like to stick to one platform: 1.Balancing several platforms not to be trapped torepparttar 142766 one-vendor solution. Imagine, that you placed allrepparttar 142767 eggs into one basket and then this basket went intorepparttar 142768 trouble (lawsuit, bankruptcy, mismanagement, hostile takeover - to name a few inrepparttar 142769 life ofrepparttar 142770 modern American corporation) 2.Legacy-dependence. If your corporation uses such product as Lotus Notes/Domino for 10 plus years - you can expect that majority of documents are stored inrepparttar 142771 Lotus databases. Just conversion of this legacy database is multi-million dollars project. And again - we could not predictrepparttar 142772 future accurately - who will win or lose - IBM or Microsoft - or maybe they will merge

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