Pop-up from the Pulpit, Or , Osama bin Laid

Written by Kate Kaye

It could happenrepparttar next time you fly. It could happenrepparttar 127053 next time you open a letter. It could happenrepparttar 127054 next time you're at a ball game. It could even happenrepparttar 127055 next time you check your email in-box. The threat of enemy attack is imminent. It's just a good thing we haverepparttar 127056 Christian Coalition to assist us in our fight against evil. Perhaps you didn't realize thatrepparttar 127057 family-friendly lobbying group was also such a strong ally onrepparttar 127058 homeland security front. As told in a 10/8 PR Week story, a pop-up ad window appearing onrepparttar 127059 organization's website recently read, "The tragic terrorist attacks are driving home a very painful lesson for every American. We must make it our top priority to safeguard our own cities and towns from an insidious enemy."

The trouble is,repparttar 127060 CC's idea of an enemy isn't necessarily what you may expect. It's not terrorism, or Osama bin Laden, or any ofrepparttar 127061 villains ofrepparttar 127062 day. It's pornography. Yes, asrepparttar 127063 site user was soon to discover,repparttar 127064 "insidious enemy" is "pictures of naked people onrepparttar 127065 Web," according torepparttar 127066 PR Week piece (Pop-up porn rant poorly presented).

A visit torepparttar 127067 group's anti-smut Web sanctuary by The Lowbrow Lowdown Lackeys revealed thatrepparttar 127068 pop-up copy no longer lures site visitors through misleading text (also a common practice of pornography pushers). Instead it reads, "Special Report: How Pornography Is Attacking Our Families (Click for Details)."

Sure, at first glance, Pat Robertson

If Christmas is Rotten...

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

Once we are adults, we can point to some Christmases, where we were deeply disappointed. Or we went off to do our own thing, and now feel broken and ugly. Like we don't deserve any pleasant surprises or gifts, and this colours our attitude torepparttar festivities. You might not be looking forward torepparttar 127052 fuss next week.

Echoing in my mind are thoughts that were expressed atrepparttar 127053 funeral I attended today, and I believe they apply right to this problem.

In 2 Corinthians chapter 4,repparttar 127054 Bible talks of having this precious treasure - this light and power that shines within us - held in perishable containers. Inrepparttar 127055 older translations it compares us to broken clay pots.

The first time this image really got to me, I pictured it as a painting, which I still would like to paint one day, of some much-used clay pots off in a dark corner. They have cracks downrepparttar 127056 sides, and large pieces chipped out, so one might think they're useless. But wait, through those cracks and chipped out spots are tumbling bright sparking diamonds and jewels! Howrepparttar 127057 light catches them againstrepparttar 127058 dark, and forsaken looking pots inrepparttar 127059 corner.

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