Pond Salt for Health Fish

Written by Brett Fogle

The important question of whether or not to add salt to your pond is often confusing for beginners and forgotten by experienced pond-keepers. To newbies and pro's alike we have this to say:

"Add Salt Today to Keeprepparttar Fish Doctor Away" True, there are some negative effects of higher salt levels on plants inrepparttar 116249 pond, but overall we think it is absolutelyrepparttar 116250 very best thing you can add to your pond in terms of keeping your fish happy and healthy. Salt acts as a natural 'stress coat' and essentially thickensrepparttar 116251 slime coat onrepparttar 116252 fish's body - which is it's own natural defense system against bacteria and parasites. Salt is also very effective in killing bacteria and parasites inrepparttar 116253 pond. When added in proper doses, salting your pond can dramatically reducerepparttar 116254 threat of disease affecting your fish. It's just like with humans - we are always exposed torepparttar 116255 common cold cells in their body, but can usually resist if their immune system is strong. Similarly, pond fish and KOI are always exposed to some degree of parasite and bacteria presence inrepparttar 116256 pond, but by keeping their immune system strong and their slime coat thick, you shouldn't have any problems. Pond fish actively maintain a natural balance of electrolytes in their body fluids. Electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium and magnesium are removed fromrepparttar 116257 water by chloride cells located inrepparttar 116258 gills. These electrolytes are essential forrepparttar 116259 uptake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and ammonium across gill membranes. The lack of electrolytes can cause serious health problems torepparttar 116260 fish. Pond Salt is an all natural salt, providingrepparttar 116261 essential electrolytes fish need to survive. Pond Salt is not just a table salt ( sodium chloride ). It is made from evaporated sea water. Evaporated sea water containsrepparttar 116262 necessary electrolytes pond fish need. 

Funniest Pond Stories

Written by Brett Fogle

Get ready for some gut-wrenching, laugh out loud hilarious pond stories from all overrepparttar world... Funniest Pond Stories - Part 1, May 2004 (Continued from May Issue of PondStuff!) We had some hilarious, truly gut wrenching, laugh out-loud stories sent in by some of you. Here we're going to highlight some ofrepparttar 116248 funniest stories for you to read, and we'll post ALL ofrepparttar 116249 funniest pond stories sent in onrepparttar 116250 website (link below). We had entries from all overrepparttar 116251 place (Inluding one allrepparttar 116252 way from THAILAND!) The competition was fierce, and to be honest - I had a really hard time deciding on one 'funniest' story. So, I'm going to leave it up to you. That's right - I'm asking everyone of you to 'vote' on your favorite 'funniest pond story'. Then we'll releaserepparttar 116253 results in a week or so... But here's a brief rundown of our entries: cats, dogs, and bunnies (?) all takingrepparttar 116254 Nestea plunge right intorepparttar 116255 water, a hungry KOI nibbling in dangerous territory, a missing flip flop, an electrifying experience for grandma, fun forrepparttar 116256 whole family, fish frape, and flying fish to boot! There you have it, these arerepparttar 116257 entries you will be voting on atrepparttar 116258 end, so get ready for some very amusing pond stories! First, let's start with this very funny story about 'Smokey' - who apparently thinks he can walk on water. This was sent in by Mike Lachance from Maryland:

Funny Pond Story #1 "I wish I had a photo to share of this very true story but any ponder with cats has likely hadrepparttar 116259 same experience at some time or another. Several years ago, when I was enjoyingrepparttar 116260 second season of my first pond (I have now built four as I've moved around), one of our cats, "Smokey", who was a natural hunter in her prime, saw a mockingbird alight on a lilly pad to get a drink of water. Well, old "Smokester" slowly crept out from under some day lillies and made a spectacular jump with all four paws majestically carrying her like a flying squirrel, right for that intruding bird. It is not as though she had not already had a couple of encounters withrepparttar 116261 water but that dayrepparttar 116262 feathered treat must have been too much for her to pass up. Well, both my wife and I were there to see her make a wonderful belly flop intorepparttar 116263 pond. Of course,repparttar 116264 bird was out ofrepparttar 116265 way in plenty of time and I swear that that cat walked on her toesrepparttar 116266 five feet it took her to get out ofrepparttar 116267 water! And of course, after removing herself fromrepparttar 116268 water, in a very nonchalant manner, proceeded to lift each leg, shake offrepparttar 116269 water and as much as say "I meant to do that, you know".

Smokey often spent time atrepparttar 116270 pond later, using her tail to attractrepparttar 116271 fish (she would put it inrepparttar 116272 water and swish it around andrepparttar 116273 fish would come up to explore it. She never did catch one). She also loved to sit atrepparttar 116274 waterfall and enjoyrepparttar 116275 water moving past her. So that is my funny pond story.

=== Funny Pond Story #2 "Dear all at McArthur,

My funniest pond story is about my late aunt, who introduced me torepparttar 116276 joy of backyard ponds.   Donna had a large koi pond in her backyard that she devoted endless amounts of love and attention to. As happens with most ponds, spring brought some uninvited guests...in this case frogs. One evening Donna was working onrepparttar 116277 pond, checkingrepparttar 116278 cantankerous pump and filter system, and using her net to skim out leaves and what not that had blown in.

My 80+ plus year old grandmother was supervisingrepparttar 116279 work and offering her expert opinion on how to proceed. They were amazed atrepparttar 116280 number of frogs that had taken up residence, and not too happy about it. Donna noticed a frog swimming atrepparttar 116281 far side ofrepparttar 116282 pond that she wanted to get out...something was not quite right aboutrepparttar 116283 way he was swimming, and she pointed him out to Grandma. "Mom, look at that frog swimming on his back!" Grandma was a bit skeptical...frogs doingrepparttar 116284 back stroke were a phenomenon that she was unfamiliar with. She advised that this misfit should be removed immediately. Don't want to giverepparttar 116285 other little froggies strange ideas. Donna made several attempts at scoopingrepparttar 116286 miscreant up with her net, but he was just out of reach. Only one thing left to do. Roll up your shorts and wade in after him. The answer to Mr. Frogs strange swimming technique became painfully obvious as soon as Donna reached his immediate vacinity....a faulty under water light had shorted and electrocuted him! Donna didn't need her electric rollers for a few days after that!"

Enecia Sabroff

Funny Pond Story #3 "Hello----My husband recently bought a beagle puppy, at this time he was 8 weeks old. My husband also bought two almost, semi-tame rabbits to help trainrepparttar 116287 puppy to track rabbits. At this time I only had one pond that was preformed 550 gallons, my husband put one ofrepparttar 116288 rabbits out to platy withrepparttar 116289 puppy,repparttar 116290 rabbit was teasingrepparttar 116291 puppy, running a little ways then jumping over his head, thenrepparttar 116292 rabbit decided he didn't want to play anymore so he started to run from Bear (the puppy), and he dove intorepparttar 116293 pond. We were thinking that Bear would go aroundrepparttar 116294 pond torepparttar 116295 other side and continue chasingrepparttar 116296 bunny, but Bear just dove right in, he was so little though that he had to be rescued fromrepparttar 116297 small backyard pond. My husband's only response was "he's going to be a good rabbit dog!"   Well, thanks for listening to my story.   Sincerely, Roberta Collins Toledo, Ohio

Funny Pond Story #4 "A story to share... Two years ago I started withrepparttar 116298 crazy idea of building a small pond with koi fishes. After a lot of working I finally built it, and decorated it with all sort of plants. One day... mi female cat “Manchita” went torepparttar 116299 pond to examine this new construction. She went torepparttar 116300 border, jumped on a flat stone and starter to drink water. To her big surprise one ofrepparttar 116301 fishes , possibly thinking thatrepparttar 116302 white nose of my cat was food, jumped out ofrepparttar 116303 water, trying to eat it.. Can you imaginerepparttar 116304 surprise ofrepparttar 116305 cat ? I believe thatrepparttar 116306 fish was also quite impressed withrepparttar 116307 experience. My cat almost fell intorepparttar 116308 pond , .. and from then on she never went aroundrepparttar 116309 pond again. She used to watchrepparttar 116310 pond from my dorm, located inrepparttar 116311 second floor and just acrossrepparttar 116312 pond. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this “accident”. I am sending you a pictute of this first pond; inrepparttar 116313 meantime I did build another, larger one. Unfortunately “Manchita” is not around any more, she passed away a few month ago, from old age.. This story happened in Valdivia, a city located inrepparttar 116314 south of Chile. In this country winter is approaching, with lots of leaves falling fromrepparttar 116315 trees anrepparttar 116316 plants in my pond preparing themselves to sleep for a while..." Maria Fresard == Funny Pond Story #5 "I have two ponds. An upper and lower pond. The upper pond is fed by a waterfall withrepparttar 116317 source beingrepparttar 116318 lower pond (driven by a pump). The lower pond is fed by an overflow ofrepparttar 116319 upper pond that flows underground for about 70 feet (12 in drain pipe). Last summer I rescued some trout fingerlings from a seasonal stream going dry near my home. I put them inrepparttar 116320 lower pond. This spring I was sitting in my kitchen and could see something flopping on my water fall. The trout had migrated uprepparttar 116321 overflow tube and were trying to swim further upstream viarepparttar 116322 water falls. No so funny but does showrepparttar 116323 strength of nature. Just a few weeks ago, Egrets foundrepparttar 116324 pond andrepparttar 116325 fish.

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