Pomeranian Dog History

Written by Lee Dobbins

The Pom is a compact dog with a soft undercoat and harsh long outer coat. He has a plumed tail that is upright withrepparttar end laying flat alongrepparttar 141409 back. His demeanor is alert and curious. With his fox like appearance,repparttar 141410 Pom has a short muzzle with rounded skull, small ears and almond shaped bright eyes. The Breed standard allows all colors. The AKC standard size for a Pom is 3 to 7 pounds.

With todays tiny Poms weighing in at around 5 pounds, it’s hard to picture that these little cuties once weighed over 30 pounds! Cousins ofrepparttar 141411 Spitz type dogs, Pomeranians once were at home inrepparttar 141412 arctic along with Huskies and Malamutes.

These vivacious lap dogs get their name fromrepparttar 141413 province “Pomerania” which was located where Eastern Germany is now. Originally brought to England inrepparttar 141414 1700’s, by Prince George III’s new bride, this larger version ofrepparttar 141415 toy dog would not become popular untilrepparttar 141416 late 1800’s when Queen Victoria who brought home a 12 pound Pom from Italy.

Adopting A Pet Pomeranian

Written by Lee Dobbins

If you are looking for a toy dog that is intelligent, curious, lively and cuddly, thenrepparttar Pomeranian could berepparttar 141408 dog for you! Before you enter into dog ownership of any breed, however, you must ask be honest with yourself about if you are ready forrepparttar 141409 commitment of money and time that it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

The first thing you must do is make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Are you ready to spend time training and grooming your Pomeranian? Is your family agreeable torepparttar 141410 decision? Are you aware ofrepparttar 141411 expense associated with responsible dog ownership and are you must insure your Pom hasrepparttar 141412 appropriate veterinary care?

If your answers are yes, then all systems are go!

Before you pick out your perfect Pom, think about where you want to get him from. There are 2 basic places you can use to find a Pomeranian that suits you – A rescue organization or a Pomeranian breeder.

At a rescue organization, you will be able to find Poms that have been left homeless either to abandonment, death of owner or simply because they got lost. Some of these Poms may not have had a happy life before getting rescued and may have some problems, but there are many others that have no issues at all. You may have to wait a while before one that fits your criteria comes up, but it is a great way to give a needy animal a loving home.

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