Pomeranian Care

Written by Lee Dobbins

The Pom is a little dog with a big personality! This tiny fluffy creature has a wedge shaped head and looks like a little fox. With itís bright eyes, it seems like it is always smiling and willing to please. It is intelligent and eager to learn, but a firm hand must be applied or this little darling can become yippy and demanding.

Along with all this cuteness and fluff, however, go some special grooming needs. While not excessively demanding,repparttar Pomeranian does require some daily attention which you can use as a great excuse to bond with your pet!


It is important that your pet get good dental care. Pomeranians are prone to tooth loss and bacteria build up. Ifrepparttar 141410 bacteria is allowed to run unchecked, this can cause problems with your pets overall health. Luckily, maintaining good dental health is easy! Simply buy an enzymatic toothpaste that fights bacteria (your vet can recommend a good brand) and a small tooth brush (I userepparttar 141411 one that has a loop that fits on my finger). Try to brush your dogs teeth every day. Have your vet do a dental exam once a year and scaling if necessary.

Pomeranian Dog History

Written by Lee Dobbins

The Pom is a compact dog with a soft undercoat and harsh long outer coat. He has a plumed tail that is upright withrepparttar end laying flat alongrepparttar 141409 back. His demeanor is alert and curious. With his fox like appearance,repparttar 141410 Pom has a short muzzle with rounded skull, small ears and almond shaped bright eyes. The Breed standard allows all colors. The AKC standard size for a Pom is 3 to 7 pounds.

With todays tiny Poms weighing in at around 5 pounds, itís hard to picture that these little cuties once weighed over 30 pounds! Cousins ofrepparttar 141411 Spitz type dogs, Pomeranians once were at home inrepparttar 141412 arctic along with Huskies and Malamutes.

These vivacious lap dogs get their name fromrepparttar 141413 province ďPomeraniaĒ which was located where Eastern Germany is now. Originally brought to England inrepparttar 141414 1700ís, by Prince George IIIís new bride, this larger version ofrepparttar 141415 toy dog would not become popular untilrepparttar 141416 late 1800ís when Queen Victoria who brought home a 12 pound Pom from Italy.

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