Politics Not So Sweet in Home Alabama

Written by Steven Jackson

Those officals elected to represent it's citizens should excerise their power of leadership.

Werepparttar people vote with hopes of landing our particular candidate into office. Thinking he or she will make change. Change forrepparttar 147849 better.

In Cullman, Alabamarepparttar 147850 economy is getting better from fifteen years ago. Laws are being enforce from my observation and it's still a "Dry County."

But race relationships....no improvement what-so-ever!

When all of your legal agents, judges and even local merchants are caucasian (white) that shows us no dimenison of diversity or change.

The Bush "There Or Here" Fallacy and the War in Iraq

Written by Christopher Brown

Today we wish to examine a fallacy, or error in reasoning, which we have found springing up now and again in today's popular discourse aboutrepparttar so-called War On Terror. This one comes straight fromrepparttar 147609 top -- well, notrepparttar 147610 VERY top -- but from Washington D.C. You have heardrepparttar 147611 President say it on national teevee, and so have we: "We either have to fight them [the terrorists] over there [i.e. Iraq], or we have to fight them over here [i.e. insiderepparttar 147612 U.S. border]."

Now we have chosen to examine this particular Bushism because, here, Mr. Bush has offered quiterepparttar 147613 textbook example of what informal logic-addicts call, a "false disjunction," or simplyrepparttar 147614 "either-or" fallacy. To commit this error in reasoning, you only need to oversimplify a range of many options, reducing it to a pretended range that limits them to two logically-possible options only.

For instance, isn't possible that, ifrepparttar 147615 U.S. pulled its troops from Iraq, using many of them to assist with border patrol duties, that we could avoid fighting "them" here by not letting them in, and yet not fight them "there" either? Now, to be sure, many will hasten to point out that they see this as impractical, ill-advised (for whatever reason), etc. My only point remains this:repparttar 147616 option I have mentioned is logically possible. And I could imagine quite a few others.

For instance,repparttar 147617 U.S. could spend a handsome little sum on policing our domestic internal affairs, and arrest all terrorists before they can do any harm. We have already arrested quite a few of them here without any fight whatever. One might argue that bloodless arrests seem much better, not to mention a good deal cheaper, than national invasions whererepparttar 147618 whole countryside gets shot up.

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