Polish cooking, Mazurka pastry of the kings

Written by Lechu

Mazurka pastry ofrepparttar kings according to Jane...

The word “mazur” or “mazurka” has multiple meanings in Polish language. A person who lives in north-central Poland is called “Mazur.”

A subspecies of sparrow that prefers country living, as opposed to city living, is also called mazurka. Finally, we dancerepparttar 125506 mazurka, or at least listen to it. The melody of mazurka is even mentioned in our national poem ”Thaddeus” by Adam Mickiewicz, where Thaddeus (in a superb translation of Lech Papiez)

“With child’s delightrepparttar 125507 string he tears and Dabrowski’s mazurek hears”

However, at Easter time when we say “mazurka” we think “Easter pastry.” This name is used to describe a pie filled with dried fruit, preserves or almond paste.

Easter is an old holiday. Atrepparttar 125508 ecumenical council of Nice, in year 325 it was determined that Easter will fall onrepparttar 125509 first Sunday afterrepparttar 125510 first full moon inrepparttar 125511 Spring. It means that Easter may fall between March 22 and April 25. This holiday is preceded by 40 days of Lent. There is no doubt, members ofrepparttar 125512 Polish Club followrepparttar 125513 rules of Lent strictly.


Written by Slawek

In POLAND,  you’ll find richness here and there, but mostly poverty…  and outside Warsaw it’s really very bad.  UNEMPLOYMENT exceeds 16%.  INTEREST RATES are above 20%.  And no change is in sight.  There is a lot of foreign investment money with only short-term effects onrepparttar market.  PRIVATIZATION is nearly complete andrepparttar 125505 profits are used up by consumption.  In my opinion nothing will be left behind. Brouhaha is riding inrepparttar 125506 wake ofrepparttar 125507 privatization, because yesterdayrepparttar 125508 Sejm decided that it would encompass only people who carried Polish citizenship in December 1999. And what aboutrepparttar 125509 rest? What aboutrepparttar 125510 former Polish citizens of Jewish origin?  The trouble will result, because President Kwasniewski heroically will vetorepparttar 125511 decision, of course if, as it wasrepparttar 125512 case before, his legs won’t hurt too much. 

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