Polish cooking, Healthy seven components cocktail

Written by Lechu

Healthy seven components cocktail Today’s recipe is for a cocktail that requires seven components. I think it makes it magic. Number seven has been considered a holy (special) number. There are many cases of grouping people, cities, or things in groups of seven. The members ofrepparttar Polish Club are obviously proficient in their knowledge ofrepparttar 125510 Bible, and therefore each of us can quote numerous examples of sevens. For example Abraham presented Abimelech with 7 lambs. There are seven days inrepparttar 125511 week, sincerepparttar 125512 Lord createdrepparttar 125513 world for six days and rested onrepparttar 125514 seventh. Jericho was surrounded for seven days, and Samson was in relationship with Delilah for seven days, too.

When we deserve it, we will be blessed withrepparttar 125515 seven Gifts ofrepparttar 125516 Holy Spirit, namelyrepparttar 125517 wisdom, understandings, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear ofrepparttar 125518 Lord. We should also followrepparttar 125519 seven Corporal Works of Mercy - feedrepparttar 125520 hungry, give drink torepparttar 125521 thirsty, clotherepparttar 125522 naked, shelterrepparttar 125523 homeless, visitrepparttar 125524 sick, visitrepparttar 125525 imprisoned, and buryrepparttar 125526 dead. We can also commit seven Capital Sins - pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth.

Seven hills away, and seven forests away, far from Poland, Malgosia proposes this recipe for a cocktail:

Polish cooking Favors (kindlings)

Written by Lechu

Favors (kindlings) according to Lech...

The name favors (kindling) was traditionally used to describe a dough that was deep fried, like donuts or paczki, another Polish pastry. Currently, this name is used to describe a deep fried pastry, that contains some alcohol, or vinegar and raises slightly when fried. Some of us remember it as “favors”, others know it as “kindling”. Everything depends on our roots.

Dozens of recipes exist, and every cook will insist that his/her recipe isrepparttar best. Below isrepparttar 125509 recipe that was used to make kindlings to be served atrepparttar 125510 end ofrepparttar 125511 carnival season:

- 2 cups flour - 3 tablespoons sugar - 1 tablespoon vinegar - half cup sour cream - one egg

Mix in a blender, untilrepparttar 125512 dough begins to form. The dough will be relatively tough. Add one tablespoon of melted, cooled, unsalted butter, and continue mixing for a minute or so, until all ingredients are incorporated.

If you like kindling, you may prepare several batches, and freeze them individually. But do not doublerepparttar 125513 recipe, make several small batches. Remember, you make kindling only duringrepparttar 125514 carnival season, i.e. betweenrepparttar 125515 Day of Three Wise Men (January, 6th) and Fat Tuesday, a day preceding Ash Wednesday. Making kindling in other periods is punishable by law. Some kindling addicts take this risk, however…

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