Polar Power: Do Opposites Attract?

Written by Luigi Di Serio

In physics or energy transmission, we know – (negative) attracts to + (positive) and repels from – (negative). Usingrepparttar same basic formula we’ll substitute “positive” females and “negative” with males. (Heterosexual Males are attracted to females, and repelled from males)

If you are a male and behave like a male, a heterosexual female will be attracted to you (or at least your gender). But if a male does everything he can to pleaserepparttar 105880 opposite sex (pun intended) and acts sweet and friendly and artistic and gentile and kind and submissive and loving and tender, will a very feminine female be attracted to that male?


The above listed personality traits are wonderful, but very feminine in nature. A male who possesses and behaves through these qualities (a majority of these qualities as his facade personality) will appear effeminate.

A woman has girlfriends and family to provide her those things anyway. A female needs to feel a powerful, inexplicable attraction towards a male in order for progression to occur towards a sexual and/or committed relationship. If a male is exuding an energy that is very positive, she will be repelled by it. For whatever reason, probably because of thousands of years of evolution and human development, this is an axiom innately embedded into our social and biological ways. Feminine females are attracted to masculine males and vice-versa. Opposites do attract, specifically concerning attraction that is driven by primal sexual instincts.

Today, specifically because ofrepparttar 105881 collapsing ofrepparttar 105882 traditional family andrepparttar 105883 grey-shading of gender roles and a phenomenon I call unisexification, it is difficult to know how to behave towardsrepparttar 105884 opposite sex, specifically during courtship. Now-a-days assertive or slightly aggressive behavior (which is a universally attractive characteristic of male mammals of ANY specie) is frowned upon, by our legal system and mass media. This is scaring males into become wussies, for fear of getting sued for groping, harassment and other fine-line crimes. By no means am I trivializingrepparttar 105885 seriousness of sexual harassment or violence towards women. In fact, I would go as far as suggest that because ofrepparttar 105886 social discouragement of certain, natural and intrinsic, male characteristics, men are more like to bottle up feelings that eventually are released in a morbid or unacceptable way. Unisexification and discouraging males from being males, actually contributes to their sometimes-disturbing behavior toward women.

Am I saying that aggression, decisiveness, cynicism, sarcasm, focus, constructiveness, drive and goal-orientation are primarily male attributes? YES I AM.

Am I saying females can not or do not have any of these traits? I certainly am not! Males and females can share all sorts of characteristics that can be deemed either male or female. But this is not about males and females, but more about masculine and feminine energies, and their differences.

As we all know, there are masculine females, and feminine men. There is nothing wrong with this, but people with masculine qualities will attract people with feminine qualities and vice-versa. I surmise that a perfect balance can really only be achieved with a most-manly man, in touch with is feminine side, and a feminine lady, in touch with her masculine size, as reflected in a YIN-YANG symbol. Both energies are required to fulfillrepparttar 105887 symbol of perfect harmony. Each piece is uniquely made to complimentrepparttar 105888 other, creating a mutually beneficial balance, that can not be achieved without each polar opposite power forging together to create a new, unique and even more powerful and beautiful energy.

Six common criminal types and how to avoid them

Written by Scott Shaper

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” that saying is as true for crime, as it is for health. After taking literally thousands of reports overrepparttar years I spent as a police officer; I found that a lot of crimes that had happened could have been prevented. The easiest and most effective way of dealing with crime is not be a victim of it inrepparttar 105879 first place. This is easier said then done, and no matter how cautious you are you can still be a victim. Nothing will give you a 100% guarantee; however, there are things you can do to at least limit your odds of being a victim. But first; you have to know what you are preventing yourself from, in order to know how to prevent against it. This article will in general show you some ofrepparttar 105880 common criminal types, and give some suggestions on how to avoid them. I have made up my own classifications for these people based upon my experience as a police officer.

Passive thieves:

Passive thieves are those who steal but are not aggressive towards their victims. They prefer their victims not to be around. These people usually arerepparttar 105881 ones who will break into your car, home, business etc. They are impulsive and really do not think much aboutrepparttar 105882 penalties they will face if they get caught. Sometimes they pre plan to do a crime, but other times they see an opportunity and go for it. For example: a thief is walking through a parking lot and sees a laptop sitting onrepparttar 105883 front seat of a unoccupied vehicle. Next thing you knowrepparttar 105884 window is smashed andrepparttar 105885 laptop is gone. Nowrepparttar 105886 thief didn’t preplan to takerepparttar 105887 laptop, or to target that particular vehicle. They just saw an opportunity and went for it, without even thinking for a second about whorepparttar 105888 victim is, or what will happen to them if they get caught. Some ofrepparttar 105889 common items they steal are cash, checks, credit cards, purses, laptops, or if they break into your home they will also target: desktop computers, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD player, tools, jewelry, basically anything they think they can turn into cash. These types of criminals are some ofrepparttar 105890 easiest to deal with from a preventative nature. Because they are always looking for an easy opportunity, your best defense is not to give them one. Some ofrepparttar 105891 common things people (potential victims) inadvertently do which create easy opportunities are listed below.

•Leaving their keys inrepparttar 105892 car

• Leavingrepparttar 105893 house unlocked

•Leavingrepparttar 105894 car unlocked

•Making it obvious that they are gone for an extended period of time.

•Leaving valuables inrepparttar 105895 car that are in plain view • Leaving their vehicle running while unattended

• Leaving their purse inrepparttar 105896 shopping cart while shopping

These are just a few examples to give yourepparttar 105897 general idea. In my book “Crime Awareness 101” I coverrepparttar 105898 above bulleted items in much greater detail. I also break down 11 specific crimes and give more preventive tips, and I include what to do afterrepparttar 105899 fact.

Aggressive thieves:

These types of criminals are much more dangerous and much harder to prevent against. They mostly focus on doing armed robberies, and expect their victims to be there. They are violent in nature and very unpredictable. They care nothing aboutrepparttar 105900 victim, and lately it appears that they are more then willing to kill. The do pre plan their crimes somewhat but not usually very well, their main tool of control is their intimidation, andrepparttar 105901 weapon they carry. Even without a weapon they can be dangerous and will fight ferociously. They usually wont stay around long if they are just robbing a business, or an individual onrepparttar 105902 street. However; if they takerepparttar 105903 victim somewhere or get into get them in a insolated area, thenrepparttar 105904 crime may turn to rape, aggravated assault, or murder. Here are some activities which may invite this type of problem.

•Not being aware of you surroundings

•Being alone late at night, or in unsafe areas

•Displaying large amounts of cash or valuables

•Working at convenience stores, or gas stations. •Letting people in your home that you do not know.

In my book “Crime Awareness 101” I give detailed explanations aboutrepparttar 105905 above bullets, and what to do about it.

Passive Assaulters:

These are your date rape type. They are not actively aggressive however they are sneakier. They preplan their attacks, or take advantage of someone who has put themselves in a vulnerable position ( for example someone who is passed out from intoxication or drug use). They will appear to be your friend and then slip something in your drink (date rape drug) to knock you out, where they can then take advantage of you. The unfaithful business traveler can also fall victim to these criminals. Only this time it will be an attractive female who acts as if she is attracted to him. When they get alone she will slip something in his drink to knock him out and then rob him. Usuallyrepparttar 105906 unfaithful business traveler is too embarrassed to report this type of crime so you don’t hear about it much. The date rape criminal isrepparttar 105907 one you need to be concerned about. In my book “Crime Awareness 101” I give a complete explanation on date rape and what to look for includingrepparttar 105908 following topics:

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