Poetry to help in bereavement.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

When I wander in countryside, Or when water runs quite near I feel you are there somewhere I feel there is more than me here I suspect and sense Im not alone But inrepparttar presence of quiet power Sometimes I see it at sunset, Others caught up in a shower. Any time Im alone with nature, And my senses are subdued If I relax my attention And Im not prone to brood Then suddenly I know theres more Than I can directly perceive, Inrepparttar 122329 whistling ofrepparttar 122330 breeze, Inrepparttar 122331 rustling ofrepparttar 122332 leaves, And wonder if my old friends, Are still living after all, Just somewhere else entirely, Out of reach and out of call, I know at times though beyond reason There is more than meetsrepparttar 122333 eye, Another meaning torepparttar 122334 seasons, Another twinkling in my eye, As if just out of vision, At a place of perfect prayer You may be guard over me, Whenever my friends are not there, And finally when I have to leave here I will be not be so alone, For ill have my favourite guardian To safely steer me home.


I look down and see you frown, Alone and lost and bereaved, I senserepparttar 122335 hopeless andrepparttar 122336 helpless, And doubters of all they believed, You cant conceive that I would leave, And not be there for always, Yet I am not there any more, And never will be all your days, Its hard to allow Im not there now, Just like I have always been, But I cant get in touch conventionally, Out of hearing and unseen, Lost to touch and as such, Effectively gone and passed away, But I can speak to you sometimes, Just in a different way, It may be happiness in a sunset, It may be tinkling at water flowing, It may be coincidences always coming, Or flashbacks in time always going, It may be saving you from danger, As if by a whim or circumstance, For I watch out for you now, And your luck isnt down to chance, So Im not so very far away, As you would think or believe, Im just invisible torepparttar 122337 eye, Or any sense you can conceive, But though you cant perceive me, And think me gone dont cry, For one day youll be with me, And one day you will know why.


I cant believe that ill never see, The person that was always there for me, The one who always had a smile, On days when others run a mile, Who listened to my boring tales, And supported me when I felt frail, Who always put me first before, They would think of having more, Who if they had only one would laugh, And faultlessly would give me half, Yet now they arent there any more, Who I could touch and see before, i cant phone and hear their voice, I dont even haverepparttar 122338 choice, Theyre gone and I cant take it in, Ill never see them laugh or grin, So I hope they know I really cared, Allrepparttar 122339 time that they were there, I wish id said more instead of mimed, But I thought wed have much more time, So if you can hear me now at last, I cant change things done and past, But I can tell you that now I know, Allrepparttar 122340 debts I really owe, And allrepparttar 122341 words I should have said, Are still all here inside my head, All you will ever need to do, Is look inside me to see theyre true.

Life and Death.

Where do we go when we die, Is there something there we cant perceive, Maybe others would not have to cry, If they saw just what can be achieved, They say some religions see us weighted, Like a deep sea diver whilst alive, And that afterwards we are liberated, And light enough to float accrossrepparttar 122342 skies. Perhaps if mourners could once see, We pass from pain and age and endless toil, Onwards to a state of pure tranquility, And not just burned or interred underrepparttar 122343 soil. Perhaps accepted means of disposal are harsh, In relation to our true form and destination, Perhaps really down here we flounder in a marsh, Wheras afterwards we are but free sensation. Most visions of near death encounters, Only mention painless progress towards light, So when it eventually seeks to surmount us, Why fear darkness or endless night. Those left behind haverepparttar 122344 hardest task, To try to make sense of what is gone, To accept we arent there any more to ask, To realise our last glimmerings have shone, I treasure my friends in flashback memories, Often jolted into view causing a tear, I cant understand just where theyve gone, And why they are not still here, It seems inconceivable they werent spared, I wish Id said more when they breathed, But I just hope they know I cared, Even though I dont know why they had to leave. I know in part some of my heart, Wonders, through their untimely parting, When my own final fate will start, And realisation is soon darting, That one day, someday, it will be me, That others will see instead of them, That it will inevitably finally be, That I joinrepparttar 122345 ranks of mortal men.

Perhaps they sense me now and feel pity, That I have to struggle on on earth, Whilst they live in enlightened cities, Lit by happiness and filled with mirth, Maybe hell is here and now and grieving, And heaven is where you go when you die, Maybe we should be happy at their leaving, Maybe they look at US and want to cry. Whateverrepparttar 122346 truth after our youth, Fades away untilrepparttar 122347 end of days, We shouldnt waste forever seeking truth, Shouldnt ever analyse lifes tragic ways, Surely if they can see you and me, They would reach down and dry our eyes, They would want us to be happy again, And not wander forever traumatised, If you were they and sawrepparttar 122348 way, You seemed to them way down below, You would want to reluctantly say, I must move on even though I know, That Ill never ever hear their voice, Never see them and never touch their face, For its what would be their choice, If they could only tinker with our fate. It wont happen in just an hour, Or just a day or just a year, But one day it will sit easier,

What is Remote Viewing & Why do Remote Viewers abhor being referred to as "Psychics"

Written by Jonina Dourif

What is Remote Viewing & why do Remote Viewers abhor being referred to as "Psychics"

“Lay back and tell me what you see,” saysrepparttar psychic. “Move fast and stay in structure,” saysrepparttar 122328 remote viewer. One is passive andrepparttar 122329 other is active.

The Remote Viewer actively participates, using a pen, paper and a specific recipe, which allows for passive information to accumulate. The breakthrough discovery occurred when it was realized that by using this conscious processing system (called TRV) an alert mind could manage its mental attention to access direct knowledge - accurate information on a consistent basis and we don't even have to believe that it works. It will work despite our disbelief!

Sounds dry? It is dry and simple.

People have traditionally romanticized psychic experiences and maderepparttar 122330 unknown mysterious. Remote Viewing wrecks all that fun. We cut right torepparttar 122331 chase and make a point of striving for accuracy and consistency. Remote Viewers learnrepparttar 122332 specific protocols and then they work to accomplish increasingly better results. Like any skill,repparttar 122333 more we do itrepparttar 122334 better we get at it.

Sound like work? It requires effort and discipline but Remote Viewers end up lovingrepparttar 122335 work.

There’s nothing else like it out there. There is not an accurate comparison for Remote Viewing. Professional remote viewers shy away from calling it “an experience” because there is nothing else like it. People who do not know better, cut and paste other psychic practices onrepparttar 122336 term “Remote Viewing”. The fact is that there is not a comparable descriptor. Remote Viewing is not like automatic writing, channeling, out of body experiences (OBE’s) or astral projection. It is not lucid dreaming or playing with Ouija boards or tarot cards. Remote Viewing is a trained skill, similar to language. Everybody hasrepparttar 122337 innate ability and anybody who puts inrepparttar 122338 time and effort, can learn it. Once upon a time man could only make noise and grunt - now we talk and communicate in a refined way and think nothing of it.

Many psychics who have become known by stickingrepparttar 122339 sign “Psychic” on their door do not likerepparttar 122340 idea of Remote Viewing. We have destroyed their specialty. We have yankedrepparttar 122341 pedestal out from under them and obliterated their mysterious unique ability. Now, it’s not only “the gifted ones” who get to enjoyrepparttar 122342 power of their mind. A trained Remote Viewer is more consistently accurate thanrepparttar 122343 world's best untrained psychics. And we just keep getting better. Our boundaries see no limits. The longer a remote viewer sticks with it -repparttar 122344 more amazed and astounded he or she becomes.

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