Podcasting - What you don't know could hurt your business.

Written by Steve Humphrey

If you've been online recently, I'm sure you've heard about podcasting. You might be wondering "What's in it for me?" Or perhaps "Why should I care about that?" There are many valid reasons for you to get informed about this hot new technology.

Think of a podcast as a way to deliver audio content to a very large worldwide audience. The easiest analogy is to think of this technology as giving yourepparttar power to create your own online radio program.

First,repparttar 145082 name is a little misleading. It comes from 'iPod' and "broadcasting". It doesn't mean you need an iPod to get involved. You can listen right on your computer.

Podcasting is made possible by RSS (a type of XML computer code). But have no fear! You don't need to know programming at all. RSS is simply a delivery system that allows people to subscribe and stay up to date any time you add a new podcast show.

Having an iPod or similar digital MP3 Audio player is not required. You can download audio files to your device and takerepparttar 145083 audio shows with you. Or you can simply streamrepparttar 145084 audio and listen torepparttar 145085 podcast show on your computer.

There is a lot of free podcast audio for you to listen to online. Do a search for "podcast" or "MP3" and you'll see what I mean.

What's out there? Music, interviews, seminars, educational shows, technology shows, news, sports...the list of topics is amazing. Some people say that podcasting it's going to replace radio and TV.

Not True. However, podcasting is changingrepparttar 145086 face of online audio and traditional radio. Podcasters already number in repparttar 145087 thousands. The number of businesses and individuals making podcasts is growing at a rapid pace.

So where can you find these podcasts? Check out any of these sites:

www.podblaze.com www.podcastalley.com www.podcastbunker.com

Or search for more of these directories with Google, Yahoo, and other search engines and directories.

1-2-3 Steps To A Successful Joint Venture

Written by Habiba Abubakar

A successful joint venture marketing effort isrepparttar goal of many small businesses, and is a great way to increase market visibility and profits.

Joint venture marketing is rising in popularity everyday, but it does take some skill, good planning and foresight to execute. Here arerepparttar 145081 steps a business owner should take to be successful in this arena… 1.Write down your goals and desired outcome

Be sure to have specific, measurable and action-oriented goals for your joint venture, along with a realistic time frame for their execution. These should be written down and easily accessible so that you can refer to them when implementing your action plan.

2.Analyzerepparttar 145082 target market you want to reach

Begin by reviewing your current clientele, then choosingrepparttar 145083 clientele you want to attract. Analyze your target market for buying habits, marketing trends, etc. Brainstorm other products and services used by your target market and determine whether there’s synergy with what you offer.

3.Identify potential partners who already serve this clientele

Think of potential partners that have influence and credibility with your target market. Remember that your network of business associates, suppliers, family and friends may be a good fit or can introduce you to prospective partners. Create a list of potential partners that offerrepparttar 145084 best expansion opportunities, and haverepparttar 145085 most desirable client base.

4.Determine your joint venture format

Do you want to offer a profit sharing format, or a reciprocal arrangement, or both? If you choose to pay your partner a percentage ofrepparttar 145086 profits, then you will pay them a specific amount or percentage for each new client they send your way. If you choose a reciprocal arrangement, then you will systematically send clients to each other. Think of something that is of high perceived value to offerrepparttar 145087 clients.

5.Determine your budget

It goes without saying that you should control costs fromrepparttar 145088 beginning of a project. That means you need to sit down atrepparttar 145089 start and list every item that’s required to carry outrepparttar 145090 joint venture.

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