Written by Colin Maddocks

If you are fed up with listening to your local FM station andrepparttar mass of inane adverts that punctuate each show, or, if you crave interesting spoken word programmes that are written and presented by excited, knowledgeable enthusiasts, then Adam Curry's "Daily Source Code" podcast may be just what your a looking for.

Adam is one of a rapidly increasing group known as "podcasters", whose shows are created to be heard on iPods or other MP3 players. Formerly an MTV video-jock, he isrepparttar 133406 man who createdrepparttar 133407 "iPodder" program. Downloadable from www.iPodder.org, this easy to use software allows you to decide which audio feed you wish to subscribe to. This is then automatically added to your iPod or MP3 player to listen to when you decide.

The great thing about Podcasting is that it allows listeners to download their favourite shows automatically. There are now tons of "advertisement-free" radio channels for listeners to subscribe to, with more emerging every day.

Once set-up with a program like iPodder your favourite program downloads automatically whilst you sleep, so that you can listen to it onrepparttar 133408 journey into workrepparttar 133409 next day, or whenever it suits you. You are not tied to any schedule. It is true radio-on-demand.

Oil or Grease Lubrication?

Written by Thomas Yoon

A lubricating grease is usually a mixture of 85 to 90 percent mineral oil or synthetic oil together with a thickener. In a majority of all greases,repparttar thickener is a metallic soap. One example is lithium stearate for lithium soap.

The function ofrepparttar 133405 thickener,repparttar 133406 metallic soap, is to hold repparttar 133407 lubricating oil in a semi-liquid state for easier handling.

When there is rise in temperature,repparttar 133408 oil bleeds out fromrepparttar 133409 thickener and functions as a lubricating agent. Whenrepparttar 133410 temperature drops again,repparttar 133411 thickener soaks uprepparttar 133412 oil again to become semi-solid once more.

The type of grease chosen for a particular bearing lubrication application must therefore be chosen very carefully. High temperature grease used in low temperature applications may causerepparttar 133413 bearings to seize due to lack of lubrication because repparttar 133414 oil does not bleed out. The common types of grease in use for rolling contact bearings arerepparttar 133415 calcium, sodium and lithium greases.

Calcium Soap Greases

These do not dissolve in water. They are recommended for installations exposed to water at temperatures below 60 degree C. They offer good protection against salt water in marine environments.

Sodium Soap Greases

Also called soda greases, they may be utilized over a wide range of temperatures up to 120 degree C. However, if too much water penetrates intorepparttar 133416 bearings, there is a risk thatrepparttar 133417 grease will be washed out andrepparttar 133418 lubricating properties become deteriorated.

Lithium Soap Greases

These have excellent resistance to high temperatures. They can also be used over a wider range of temperatures from -50 to 150 degree C. They are not water soluble.

Additives are also added to some greases to improve their properties. Some examples of these additives are anti-rust, anti-oxidants, extreme pressure additives, and stabilizers.

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