Plus Size Fashion Trend: Feminine Chic

Written by Donna Monday

A new fashion year is here and so arerepparttar latest styles for women looking to freshen up their wardrobes. Ladies, good news. Femininity is back!

Fromrepparttar 150258 office to casual wear, you can show offrepparttar 150259 power of your femininity while still taking care of business. Jackets are a great way to add flair and style to your pants and skirts. Boucle jackets are hot. Also, pairing a colorful denim jacket with a flouncy skirt gives you a variety options for a more dressed up casual look.

You should have at least one boucle jacket in your closet. Boucle is very chic and can dress up a pair of black pants or a black skirt very easily. Boucle jackets come in a variety of colors. Some have removable flower pins, some have ruffles, etc. In celebrity circles it’s popular to pair a boucle jacket with jeans and high heels or boots. Very chic.

Skirts are longer, falling either just aboverepparttar 150260 knee or just belowrepparttar 150261 knee. You’ll find skirts with asymmetric cuts, ruffles atrepparttar 150262 bottom, or with a free flowing feel. Why not add a flowery or ethnic print skirt to your collection. Pair it with a jean jacket in blue, pink or white for extra pizzazz.

5 Tips for a Great Fashion Fit

Written by Donna Monday

Ladies, have you ever been in a department store dressing room and talked yourself into buying an outfit that looked great – on someone else?

Face it. If it doesn’t fit right inrepparttar dressing room, it won’t fit well or look good when you wear it out in public. Here are five quick and easy tips to remember when buying clothes that look good and fit well on your body type.

Tip #1 – Stick to a Color Theme

Wearrepparttar 150257 same color from head to toe. This will createrepparttar 150258 illusion of a long lean line. Neutral colors work best for this effect: black, brown, camel or cream. (Note: add a splash of color with a jacket or wrap)

Tip #2 – Wear Your Correct Size

Dress inrepparttar 150259 size you are – notrepparttar 150260 size you want to be. In spite of what you might believe, wearing clothes that are too tight or too big will make you look LARGER.

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