Plug 'N' Profit E-commerce Principles

Written by David Gikandi

The Internet has been around long enough now for some online marketing principles to emerge as proven success drivers. By observing, Napster, Ebay, Hotmail, Blue Mountain Arts and a few other highly successful online properties, we can now accurately pinpoint tested principles that any site can plug into their own processes and profit from them immensely.

Being Part of Natural Buyer Behaviour

Most people buy on their third to fifth contact. Which means you have to get their email addressrepparttar first time they visit your site, and periodically send them some useful free information to get them to return to your site several times. You have to give them a valid reason for them to give you their email address - no one gives their email address without something worth it for them in exchange. You can either run a newsletter or use a system like's to schedule an automated series of emails from pre-written templates. Obviously, providing good and relevant free information is very important here, you just can't email pure advertising to people. The Net Profits manual covers this very well (see

Affiliate Programs - Every Site Should Have One

Affiliate programs are responsible for about 35% ofrepparttar 109094 sales generated byrepparttar 109095 big e-commerce sites. Many sites that do not do any other form of advertising report affiliates as an even larger contributor of their total sales. Why? Because over 80% of people find new sites onrepparttar 109096 web by following links from sites they already visit. Having an affiliate program gives yourepparttar 109097 ability to convince other related sites to link to your site. And make sure you give them a sizeable commission, say 20%. The idea is to build an affiliate network that is highly automated and empower your affiliates with tools and information that will help them succeed. Then target a few sites with high traffic as preferred partners and work with them even closer because these large sites will berepparttar 109098 main contributor of sales. For more details on this, see Declan Dunn's Winningrepparttar 109099 Affiliate Game and The Complete, Insider's Guide to Associate & Affiliate Programs (see

Solving The Abandoned Shopping Cart

Shoppers abandon their shopping carts 75% ofrepparttar 109100 time. They never completerepparttar 109101 purchase process. The main reason why this happens has been found to berepparttar 109102 lack of human support to answer questions they may have atrepparttar 109103 time of purchase, either aboutrepparttar 109104 products or aboutrepparttar 109105 shopping process. One way to add live human support is by using's free app.

Leveraging Existing Traffic

You might as well leverage your existing traffic to generate more revenue. Sign up with some good affiliate programs from web businesses selling products related to your audience. Then take some good text links promoting those products and place them in strategic places on your site and newsletter, withinrepparttar 109106 flow of your current traffic and that's it! Yahoo, Excite and many ofrepparttar 109107 big engines all play this game and so should you. Again, text links that work in withrepparttar 109108 content are better than banners because people generally have learnt not to see banners. Another thing you can do is get a free Vstore and have an instant customized mall for your site withoutrepparttar 109109 accompanying hassles of fulfilment andrepparttar 109110 rest (see

Creating Revenue Streams

Make good use of your existing customers. Once someone has bought from you, they are very likely to buy again because they now trust you. Make good use of this. Find related products and services that they would be interested in and periodically, say once or twice a month, emailrepparttar 109111 current customers thanking them for their previous purchase, asking them if they are happy with it and if they require any help with it, and of course informing them ofrepparttar 109112 new product you have decided to tell them about. If you do not have any other products of your own, sign up with affiliate programs featuring such products and market those. This 'back-end' can actually result in more revenue that you got fromrepparttar 109113 initial sale - it is a constant stream of revenue, actually.

The E-ABCs of CyberMerchandising!

Written by Bob Apperson

Shopping onrepparttar Internet isrepparttar 109093 wave ofrepparttar 109094 future! Everything we knew about conventional marketing inrepparttar 109095 past has been turned on its head. The Internet has a personality of its own and you better learnrepparttar 109096 ins and outs if you're going to succeed. The Internet is self-contained. It is its own advertising medium. It is where you buy and sell. It is where you communicate. Everything is electronic. And it is only a click or two away at any given time!

Run your web site in a businesslike manner. Remember that people are still leery about making purchases with a faceless and sometimes nameless entity. When you walk into a store you actually see a person, know how to find that person if something goes wrong, and usually see some type of reassuring information that gives comfort such as a Better Business Bureau sign. Most web sites are a study in anonymity. It's hard to find a real person's name or even a business name. Mailing addresses are kept a secret. E-mail correspondence is done by auto-responders. You look at a cold computer screen and get a chilly reception. Imagine asking someone to give you their credit card information, their home address and phone number, and other pertinent data and never telling them who you are and where you can be located if a problem arises! WOW. A bit presumptuous, don't you think? It is very important to make your site a comfortable and easy place to do business.

First, you are faceless torepparttar 109097 shopper andrepparttar 109098 shopper is faceless to you! In fact, you usually don't know who came and went. To overcome this, giverepparttar 109099 visitor every opportunity to contact you by e-mail or phone. One ofrepparttar 109100 most effective ways is to go to exis/swlib/hotfiles/info.html?fcode=0015H 0, get a free HumanClick chat program and install one on every page on your site where questions or problems might arise. If you are online you can answer immediately. If not,repparttar 109101 potential customer can send an e-mail message for you to answer when you do go online. This gives you online presence even when you aren't there!

Next, consider your site as a store or office. Make sure that your products and services are easy to find. Think ofrepparttar 109102 aisles of a grocery store. If you haven't been frustrated in a badly laid-out grocery store you are truly unique! After you set up your hyperlinks in an orderly fashion, you must furnish clear explanations of what you are offering and how to makerepparttar 109103 purchase. I ran an advertising agency for many years and lived by a simple rule. That rule still holds true. Tellrepparttar 109104 readerrepparttar 109105 features and explainrepparttar 109106 benefits. A potential customer wants a simple question answered…what is it going to do for me? Then you must justifyrepparttar 109107 cost. If you do a good job definingrepparttar 109108 features and benefits,repparttar 109109 price should be easy to justify.

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