Pleasures of Soup

Written by Merrie Schonbach

Often our diets change duringrepparttar cold weather. More hot foods then cold sandwiches gracerepparttar 117071 dinner table. Our schedules do not slow down so we seek out hardy, quick to prepare meals.

Making a pot of soup is a perfect solution for a healthy, hot meal. There are dozens of different soups that you can make.

Make your meal different then chicken noodle or tomato soup, why not try a creamy wild rice mushroom, white chicken chili, cheesy potato with bacon, country bean or even Italian wedding soup.

You do not have to make these wonderful soups from scratch or pour from a can, purchase a soup kit and add fresh meat for a great home made taste.

What is SMS ?

Written by S. Housley

What is SMS? SMS, also known as short messaging service, isrepparttar rage in Europe and parts of Asia. Gradually SMS is gaining momentum inrepparttar 117070 US as a low cost messaging solution. SMS is defined as text messages, up to 160 characters in length, sent to mobile phones. In recent months SMS has become synonymous with any text message sent to a cell phone.

Benefits to SMS SMS is a convenient, cost effective alternative to voice messaging. SMS popularity has grown as a result of: 1.) Cost - SMS is less expensive thenrepparttar 117071 airtime used for voice calls or web access. 2.) Non-intrusive - messages are received in a discrete fashion and do not interrupt an individual if they are in repparttar 117072 middle of a meeting 3.) Integration Capabilities - many software programs can be set up to send text alerts to mobile phones when urgent conditions exist.

Short Messaging Explained Short messages can originate from other phones, personal computers orrepparttar 117073 Internet. Consumers and businesses alike use SMS for remote communication, allowing for staff to be mobile and stay in touch with those who matter.

Who Offers SMS? Today nearly allrepparttar 117074 cellular carriers provide some level of SMS or text messaging capabilities. Cost and features vary, with carriers offering a variety of packages to suit individual or business needs. Typically there are three options that carriers provide: 1.) Free of Charge - text messaging is included as part of a select plan. 2.) Per Message Fee - users are charged per message. 3.) Monthly Fee - a set monthly fee includes a specified number of text messages.

How Do You Send SMS Messages? Messages can be sent a variety of ways, depending onrepparttar 117075 service provider that you use.

SMS Software The most popular way to send text messages is using software. When using software there is no cost associated withrepparttar 117076 sending of messages. Depending onrepparttar 117077 carrier that you are sending to messages can be sent any number of ways. Different carriers use different standards or protocols,repparttar 117078 common protocols supported by most software is: via modem (TAP, UCP),repparttar 117079 Internet ((SNPP, WCTP) and via email (SMTP). Software is flexible and often allows for group or scheduled messaging. Another benefit to software isrepparttar 117080 ability to automate processes, sending SMS alerts when specific conditions exist often withoutrepparttar 117081 need for human interaction.

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