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Written by James Sorrell

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Etiquette for Baby Shower

Written by Randy Wilson

Etiquette for baby shower used to be quite rigid, but rules have relaxed inrepparttar past several years. Etiquette is a word that strikes fear inrepparttar 146870 heart of many party planners. You donít want anyone to get upset or think that you are being rude. There are several rules of that you should be aware of. Whether or not you follow them is up to you.

It used to be that etiquette for baby shower said that mothers ofrepparttar 146871 new parents should not plan a baby shower. Some people may have viewed this as a gift grab byrepparttar 146872 family. Even sisters were not supposed to planrepparttar 146873 baby shower. However, in past years this rule has fallen byrepparttar 146874 wayside. If you are related to a new mom, go ahead and plan her baby shower to your heartís content. The next etiquette for baby showers rule you need to consider is whom to invite. If you knowrepparttar 146875 new mom well, most ofrepparttar 146876 guest list will be obvious. However, you should show herrepparttar 146877 list to make sure that no one has been left out.

Ifrepparttar 146878 shower is a surprise, runrepparttar 146879 list by a few people that are close to her. This way they might notice some names missing that you may have forgotten.

Invitations donít follow any sort of baby shower etiquette rules anymore. People still enjoy receiving baby shower invitations inrepparttar 146880 mail, but you can phone guests or email them as well. Just be sure inrepparttar 146881 case of email that guests actually check it regularly!

Etiquette for a baby shower says that you should not ask guests to bring anything. You should not even imply that they are to bring a gift. This is obvious, but no one likes to be directly asked to spend money. If you are asking people to pitch in for a large gift, this is considered acceptable.

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