Please Listen, Donít Just Hear Me!

Written by Barbara White

cusing on that one sound, it becomes clearer and more distinct, than many ofrepparttar other sounds that are there.

In relating with other people listening is a skill that needs to be learned. It is not merely hearing them give an account, or relay some information. Listening means to pay thoughtful attention to what a person is saying withrepparttar 151133 mind intent on understandingrepparttar 151134 message to be delivered. The art of listening also involves watchingrepparttar 151135 personís body language, maintaining eye contact, asking for clarification when needed and also listening forrepparttar 151136 unspoken message. If you truly listen, you are able to make a connection with someone without necessarily speaking yourself.

The skill of listening is frequently overlooked, or given a low priority in our communication today. Yet everybody enjoys talking with a good listener!

A major factor to a person having poor listening skills is that they are too self focused. People fail to listen carefully because they are too concerned trying to be interesting themselves, rather than be interested inrepparttar 151137 person they are talking to. They falsely believe that to be liked and accepted they must demonstrate their intelligence and knowledge with their words or comments. They may cover up their own nervousness and insecurity by constantly talking to fillrepparttar 151138 air. Talking makes them feel good, and they donít considerrepparttar 151139 other person, rather just take advantage of having an audience

Many times people believe if someone is telling them about a challenge that they are having, that it is a cue to jump in and start solvingrepparttar 151140 problem. However, most people wish only to have a sounding board and just to have you listen. To take over disempowersrepparttar 151141 other person.

Who wants to carry on being a failure?

Written by Douglas Titchmarsh

Who wants to carry on being a failure?

Failure. Not a great word is it? It is a very negative word, it says nothing good happened at all. But it's still a word that is used a lot by so many people. Here inrepparttar UK as this is being written there is a huge buzz inrepparttar 151132 media about an alternative phrase for repparttar 151133 word failure. This buzz centres around a group of school teachers who have decided that failure is not an option forrepparttar 151134 children they teach. Now they just have "deferred success". Of courserepparttar 151135 media is sensationalisingrepparttar 151136 phrase as Political correctness, but I can see where they are going with this.

Deferred success, I likerepparttar 151137 sound of it don't you? It was said by someone (and repeated by many) that you haven't failed until you actually stop trying. When you look right at it, deferred success means exactlyrepparttar 151138 same thing. In a classroom they will make you do something over and over until you get it right, so until they give up doing it, no one has failed. If they eventually grasprepparttar 151139 lesson then their success was only deferred until a later time.

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