Playing Golf On Ana's Eyeball

Written by Steve Gillman

As we drove from Traverse City, Michigan to Tucson, Arizona, I wrote a series of letters, and photocopied them to send to family and friends. This wasrepparttar first ofrepparttar 148120 three.

Travel Letter #1

Saturday, 12/13/03 - Good morning. Welcome to our vacation form letter. We're in Arizona now. The sun is shining and it will be inrepparttar 148121 sixties today, which should meltrepparttar 148122 ice onrepparttar 148123 windows soon. Ana's foot doesn't seem to be broken, as we thought, so we took a long walk inrepparttar 148124 desert last night. We saw a coyote, probablyrepparttar 148125 same one I chasedrepparttar 148126 other day, and there were javelina tracks everywhere.

The library in Safford has books in Spanish, so Ana is enjoying reading now that her eye-patch is off. The doctor promised thatrepparttar 148127 "divet" left by his golf-club-like blade will heal soon. We learned that eyeballs have many nerve endings, and we thinkrepparttar 148128 object in her eye may have been a fiber from a yucca plant.

Our uncontrollable coughs are under control now, and we aren't amongrepparttar 148129 ten people in Arizona that died fromrepparttar 148130 flu this week. Oh, andrepparttar 148131 antibiotics fromrepparttar 148132 Safford clinic seem to have helped with Ana's abcessed tooth.

I should start atrepparttar 148133 beginning. The first day, after dealing withrepparttar 148134 usual rudeness ofrepparttar 148135 INS employees in Detroit, we made it to Kansas. We hit a traffic cone there at high speed, and heard a horrible sound coming from underrepparttar 148136 van. The cone, I discovered, had been dragging along underneath. Nothing was broken, but laterrepparttar 148137 bright light switch stopped working.

3 Ways to Get the Lowest Airfare Possible

Written by Richard Wong

The easiest way to breakrepparttar traveling budget is with your flight. It’s hard to findrepparttar 148119 lowest airfare out there these days, especially withrepparttar 148120 myriad of companies trying to tell you that THEY haverepparttar 148121 lowest airfare prices, or know where to find them. Lucky for you, there are several ways to take a bite out ofrepparttar 148122 cost of flying. Here are some tips and techniques to make sure you are gettingrepparttar 148123 lowest possible airfare. Please note thatrepparttar 148124 advice given here is just that: advice. Companies mentioned are not better, or worse, than any other organization out there that claims to offerrepparttar 148125 lowest airfare possible.

Lowest Airfare Technique #1: Courier It

Without a courier, many important packages that are working their way throughrepparttar 148126 flight system would be stuck in customs an awfully long time. Therefore, courier companies “hire” people to transport their packages for them in a set. All that you have to do is forfeit your baggage space, and you can receive some ofrepparttar 148127 lowest airfare prices available. There isn’t actually a “payment” that is exchanged here; you are providing a service, but in return you are only gettingrepparttar 148128 lowest airfare thatrepparttar 148129 company can afford. Also, scheduling can be a bit of a pain inrepparttar 148130 butt – you may have a quick stopover in one place you wanted to visit, and days in another that really doesn’t interest you. Plus, can you imagine flying to Paris with only your overnighter bag? Those with light luggage and really flexible schedules may love this option, though.

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