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Written by Donald Aleksic

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Celebrate Your Senses: An Evening Scented Garden

Written by Carolyn Beale

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For those who are new torepparttar 116274 pleasure of growing, welcome. My fellow Northern-hemisphere gardeners are celebratingrepparttar 116275 promise of spring on our doorsteps...

"Before me, may it be delightful. Behind me, may it be delightful. Around me, may it be delightful. Below me, may it be delightful. Above me, may it be delightful. All, may it be delightful." -- Navajo prayer

This is an ideal time to curl up with some full-color seed catalogues (virtual or real) and create your "ideal garden" plan forrepparttar 116276 year. And don't let small spaces constrict you - there are abundant options for container gardeners as well! If you're someone who's most often home inrepparttar 116277 evenings, why wait untilrepparttar 116278 weekend to enjoy a fragrant garden? Consider planting evening scented blossoms to enhance your personal space. This spring I intend to reinvent my evening scented garden. I'm primarily a container gardener, so I know thatrepparttar 116279 following plants can be grown small-scale on a balcony or patio. Gardening is quite simple; all it requires is awareness ofrepparttar 116280 plant's soil, temperature, moisture, and light preferences, and then providing as close to ideal conditions as possible. Different varieties ofrepparttar 116281 same plant may have unique preferences, so be sure to double check this information which is readily found on most seed packets (or plant ID tags if you're purchasing plants from a retail nursery.) Check out our Featured Products page at for online recommendations soon! Imagine returning home in early evening, relaxing onrepparttar 116282 deck with a cool drink after an energetic, serendipitously productive day, putting your feet up and inhaling intense, lovely floral notes from your evening scented blooms. It's wonderful! Here are my "tried and true" picks: 1.Summer Phlox (Phlox peniculate) Regular watering in a sunny location suits this plant, though it will also tolerate light shade. Prefers northern over southern climes. White, lavender, pink, rose, and red 2-5" blooms, some with a contrasting eye. Plants can grow 3-5' tall and 2' wide, with leaves tapering to a slender point.

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