Play By Play: The 2005 myVirtualCard Poker Tournament

Written by Sidney Zombay

(Montreal) May 12, 2005 - Webmaster Access East had many reasons to justify its motto “Back Where We Belong” at this year’s Montreal edition, notrepparttar least of which wasrepparttar 139039 first adult-industry live Poker Tournament held by

Shrimp cocktail and rum & cokes, live industrial rock and a touch ofrepparttar 139040 adult biz inrepparttar 139041 form of a pair of curvy décor girls, thusrepparttar 139042 atmosphere was set for a no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament.

The billing company’s many clients, unanimous in their praise of services and support provided by multi-method processing platforms and innovations, indirectly recruited a good quota of registered players glad to fork over a little bit of cash forrepparttar 139043 chance to participate inrepparttar 139044 tournament.

Though prizes wererepparttar 139045 final pay out, participants numbered at least four dozen and includedrepparttar 139046 inexperienced and those less obviously so.

Open bar helped early registration and tournament play take off as myVirtualCard CEO Howard Cohen maderepparttar 139047 opening address. “I wouldn’t hire him for my kid’s bar-mitzvah,” said myVirtualCard VP Joshua Ungar. “But he actually did a pretty good job, and this wasn’t a kid’s event.”

The tournament advanced with eminent adult personalities dropping like flies as eliminations accumulated. Mantas from Rabbit’s Reviews, Ron from PlugInFeeds – all called and folded and bet and dropped, with Raja from SexSearch and Ramos of GoFuckYourself struggling to keep straight faces.

Asrepparttar 139048 tournament screws tightened, MVC programmers Jason Lotito and Richard Rondeau each grabbed a girl and took torepparttar 139049 dance floor in a scene somewhat reminiscent of a hardcore-techie ball.

“I didn’t know they had it in them,” said Ungar. “I’ve never seen programmers move like that. They were each given a raise afterrepparttar 139050 tournament.”

Spyware 101: Understanding and Fighting Spyware

Written by Doug Partridge

Spyware 101: Understanding and Fighting Spyware Doug Partridge © 2005

In a short amount of time, Spyware has gone from relative obscurity to an almost daily mention. This article was prepared to help you understandrepparttar basics and tell you where you can get more information.

What is Spyware?

Quite simply Spyware is a type of rogue software program that gets copied to your computer without warning or permission. The goal of Spyware is to monitor and record information about you. In some cases, Spyware gets loaded on your PC just by visitingrepparttar 139028 wrong websites.

What is its purpose?

Onrepparttar 139029 serious side, "Keyboard loggers" do just that - recordrepparttar 139030 keys from your keyboard as you type. This is an extremely menacing form of Spyware. As you can imagine your accounts, passwords, emails anything you type is susceptible to keyboard loggers. In fact, this isrepparttar 139031 kind of Spyware that is largely responsible for online identity theft.

Inrepparttar 139032 case of Adware it's to "profile" your online activities and interests. This information is used by advertisers to promote ads and pop-ups targeted to your specific interests.

Is Adware Spyware?

There is some debate on this, butrepparttar 139033 consensus is that if Adware records and submits information about you ... it falls underrepparttar 139034 category of Spyware.

How does it get on your computer?

Inrepparttar 139035 case ofrepparttar 139036 less harmful varieties they are usually bundled with some Shareware or "free" programs. The peer-to-peer (P2P) music downloading programs are notorious for including Adware with their programs.

A word of advice: be extremely cautions aboutrepparttar 139037 programs you install on your computer.

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