Plato's ATLANTIS -- Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?

Written by Lady Camelot

Plato's ATLANTIS - Fact, Fiction or Prophecy? by Lady Camelot

Atlantis is often described as paranormal or mythical, but is it really? In two of Plato's great works,repparttar Timaeus andrepparttar 122336 Critias, Plato describes an Athenian civilization in diaglogue between Critias, Socrates, Timaeus and Hermocrates. (Predating Plato by 9,000 years, or 9,600 BC) Atlantis, according to Critias, was a great Athenian city which, byrepparttar 122337 hand of mankind, met with cataclysmic destruction. By his (Solon) grandfather's education, Critias retoldrepparttar 122338 story of an Athenian civiliation. Critias claimed that Solon (not only his grandfather, but a Greek traveler and historian from Egypt), stayed and interrelated with great Egyptian priests. The recordings from Solon were then given to Plato by Critias. Because Plato's works are considered historical fact, one can only assume that Atlantis DID indeed exist.

According to Plato's historical literature, Atlantis was an organized , massive military state that atrepparttar 122339 end of its realm, met with great, natural calamity duringrepparttar 122340 planning stages on an assault on Egypt.

Agrigculturally,repparttar 122341 Athenian nation was well educated and able to create herbal remedies from plants. Their irrigational skills were very advanced, as they constructed muliple canals to irrigate their plains and farmlands. Due to their superior intelligence, reservoirs and buildings likerepparttar 122342 Metropolis were constructed, hydraulically-engineered machines and bridges were built, literary pieces and laws were written; and most often, their objects were coated with bronze, copper or gold.

Based on a monarchy and systemized class,repparttar 122343 Atlantis civilization also held a valuable status for women. Historically thought to berepparttar 122344 greatest of all nations, Atlantis ruled all surrounding land with their emperiorical laws.

Apart from being an advanced civilization, Atlantis (according to Plato), was a massively-sized continent. By Critias' measurements, Atlantis would have been about 3,400 x 2,300 miles in size - this is larger than some, major oceanic basins. Critias accounts that Egyptian priests told of Atlantis being located beyondrepparttar 122345 Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar); this, whererepparttar 122346 Atlanic Ocean andrepparttar 122347 Mediteranian Sea intercede one another. Today, some evidence has been provided that denote underwater walls and roads, and a set of islands resemblingrepparttar 122348 shape of Atlantis inrepparttar 122349 Caribbean Sea. Another possible theory would be that Atlantis could possibly rest onrepparttar 122350 Mid-Atlantic Ridge, (a beneath-ground mountain range); while some researchers believe that Atlantis could be inrepparttar 122351 Azores, Crete orrepparttar 122352 Canary Islands.

Four Powerful Pathways Into The Light And Sound Of Oneness

Written by Judith Pennington

The easiest, most exciting adventure in consciousness followsrepparttar lamplit guidance ofrepparttar 122335 still, small voice in each of us. Inrepparttar 122336 quiet of meditation, we listen to our souls and hear what is most needed in our lives and how best to obtain it. This wise, kindly voice never fails us and never falters.

There is no substitute for inner listening. But in our travels, these four pathways emerge to enhance our joy and draw us intorepparttar 122337 Oneness.

See which of these harmonic pathways resonates best with you: thought and word, self-knowledge, inner peace, or chanting and toning. All work together, as individual notes or as a chord, to transport us intorepparttar 122338 beauty and music of higher consciousness--the light and sound of Universal Mind, or God.

1. The power of thought and word. When our ideal is peace, healing or prosperity, and we say or do something out of alignment with this, we sense, feel or know it. The discord itself keeps us on track and guides us back into oneness with ourselves, others and Spirit. The great psychic-healer Edgar Cayce, who said that "Thoughts are crimes or miracles," lovingly advised everyone to create an ideal by which to live. This is best done in meditation, so thatrepparttar 122339 soul voice may show us what is needed most. For you, is it peace, joy, self-discipline, will, oneness or something else altogether?

If a single word floats up when you ask this question, create with this word an affirmative phrase or sentence, then go back intorepparttar 122340 silence to see if it is good and right for you. When it is, post your ideal somewhere and, during meditation, use it as a mantra to draw your busy mind back intorepparttar 122341 silence. This will build your ideal into your life. Whenrepparttar 122342 words of your ideal no longer have a "shine," or "go dead" for you, you have incorporated this quality and it's time to return to meditation for a fresh ideal.

Every time you think or speak your ideal, you are physically attuning your body-mind to it, so be sure it's a spiritual intention that will uplift you! Ideals are blueprints with which we build our lives, whether we know it or not! If you aren't convinced that your thoughts, words and emotions influencerepparttar 122343 physical world around you, you might find these stories very interesting.

Last November I attended an historic conference in Virginia Beach that featuredrepparttar 122344 physicists and U.S. military personnel atrepparttar 122345 center of America's research on remote viewing, termed "anomalous perception" or "anomalous perturbation" (psychic receiving or influencing) by these methodical thinkers. One ofrepparttar 122346 presenters wasrepparttar 122347 famous remote viewer and artist Ingo Swann, who reminded us that thoughts, as vibrations, are heard and felt by all sentient beings, including house plants!

At a party in New York City, Swann met Cleve Baxter, who later authoredrepparttar 122348 classic book, The Secret Life of Plants, and visited Baxter's home to participate in experiments. Baxter had hooked up lie detector electrodes torepparttar 122349 leaves of ordinary house plants, and every time Swann struck a match,repparttar 122350 readout jumped sharply in reaction. After awhile,repparttar 122351 reactions stopped and Swann asked why. "The plant knows you're bluffing!" Baxter told him. And so it did, as illustrated time and again in Baxter's landmark book.

In other experiments, Baxter and Swann took skin scrapings and drops of blood from a man and put them in a vial hooked up torepparttar 122352 same electrodes. The readouts consistently jumped whenrepparttar 122353 man was poked with a pin, even when he was five blocks away! (Seerepparttar 122354 second edition of my e-zine, OneWorld, for a series of eye-opening articles and interviews from this amazing conference.)

That we are all one body, one mind is indisputable. Yet we so easily forget and doubt how our thoughts and words affect everyone-and everything-else, including our own bodies and minds.

2. The power of self-knowledge. My still, small voice has said forrepparttar 122355 past 16 years that releasing darkness enables us to attract and hold more light, and recently, DNA experiments carried out by a Russian scientist proved definitively that this is true. It's intuitively verifiable as well, and a phenomenon that we can physically feel as it takes place.

Here's how to bypass your ego, which I call a "hero in its own mind," and awaken to what you need to know about yourself. Every time you find yourself angry, frustrated or in conflict with someone else, "Stand back and watch yourself go by," as Cayce so vividly advised. "Know Thyself," emblazoned onrepparttar 122356 temples of Greek mystery schools, isrepparttar 122357 key to conscious evolution. If we do not undertake this journey, we are not really conscious at all.

I was taught this by my meditative writings, and as I traced my discordant words and actions back to their source-fear of inadequacy and a crippling lack of self-love-I was able to see and correctrepparttar 122358 destructive patterns of behavior that drove me to addictive decisions and ways of life. I could actually feel my burdens growing lighter, as my pain, sorrow and yearning gave way to increased amounts of light in my body-mind.

What fascinated me most wasrepparttar 122359 correlation of this "en-lightenment" to sound: with each stride forward, I could hear my singing voice becoming ever more resonant and beautiful! I can still hearrepparttar 122360 difference in my voice, in shifting from one state of consciousness to another, and especially in singing with other spiritual seekers, wherein everyone's voice grows more harmonious, resonant and beautiful. I concluded thatrepparttar 122361 high frequencies of love bring us into our blossoming literally and in response to our deepest desires.

3. The power of inner peace. Silent meditation, by building uprepparttar 122362 divine currents of energy within us, isrepparttar 122363 single most effective way to heal and transformrepparttar 122364 body-mind. These currents, containingrepparttar 122365 light and sound of God, tune up our bodies throughrepparttar 122366 chakra system, or "wheels of energy," as Cayce called them. He said, and virtually all medical intuitives have seen, that these seven energy centers connectrepparttar 122367 spiritual dimensions with our endocrine glands, located at major nerve centers. The chakras, powered-up like frequency transformers with multi-level circuits, step our energy up or down.

You can feel this happen during meditation, andrepparttar 122368 longer you meditate,repparttar 122369 more sensitive you become to these subtle energies, which carry us intorepparttar 122370 Oneness. I experience this oneness not only as a sense of love for and connection with others, but also as oneness with my highest mental clarity, creativity and intuition. After 16 years of regular practice, I emerge from every meditation, brief or lengthy, feeling more centered, grounded and in attunement with my true self. Going within kindlesrepparttar 122371 divine spark in us so that we may know and speakrepparttar 122372 truth of who we are-and, in this, reach out to others in love, compassion and service.

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