Planning a website to market your home based business part2

Written by Kathy Joyce

Hello again!! In part1 of this article I covered definingrepparttar purpose of your website and planning it on paper.

In this second part I will cover designingrepparttar 117174 page elements of your site. The look and feel of a site is very important, and it must convey what your site is about.

A site for an artist would be a lot different in style to a site selling electrical goods.

Having planned your site already on paper you know where you wantrepparttar 117175 page elements to go, but now you must give some thought to their design. What will they look like? Do you want a simple background to your page or do you want something a bit different?

One ofrepparttar 117176 most important things to consider isrepparttar 117177 download time of a page. Most people won't want to hang around while complicated large graphics slow downrepparttar 117178 time it takes for them to view your site.

Keeprepparttar 117179 background simple. White of a very pale colour with dark text is best. If you do want an image don't go for anything complex or large. Makerepparttar 117180 image file size as small as possible and make it very pale so that you can easily readrepparttar 117181 type overrepparttar 117182 top. Don't makerepparttar 117183 background image fight againstrepparttar 117184 text!!

Typeface Only use one typeface in your website. Just decide on a typeface and stick to it.

Text Just use a normal size type forrepparttar 117185 main text on your page. The page heading should be a larger size and maybe in bold as well. Use a dark text on a light coloured background. Reading text on a computer screen is always harder onrepparttar 117186 eyes. Most people wouldn't appreciate red text on a green background!! They would probably leave your page very quickly.

Breakrepparttar 117187 page up with lots of headings and small clumps of text. People read differently on a computer screen in comparison to reading a book or a paper. They tend to scan a page looking for interesting bits of information that stand out.

If you want to highlight any words that are very important either use bold or a second colour. Don't underline text as it will look like a link.

Navigation The main navigation bar is usually onrepparttar 117188 left ofrepparttar 117189 page or underrepparttar 117190 header.

Makerepparttar 117191 main navigation bar consistent throughoutrepparttar 117192 site and give it plenty of space so that it's easily seen.

How to plan a website to market your home based business part1

Written by Kathy Joyce

How to plan a website to market your home based business part1

If you plan to start or already have a home based business then a website is something you should give serious thought to. It's an inexpensive way to market your products and services.

If you sell products you can have an online catalogue which you can update, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You could set up an e-shop quite easily and accept orders from customers anywhere inrepparttar world.

Building a website yourself may seem daunting if you have had little experience ofrepparttar 117173 internet and don't know how to use HTML, but don't despair!!

At one time website building was only for those who where technically minded and had a lot of knowledge about computers, but with some ofrepparttar 117174 easy to use webdesign software available you can do it.

For a very easy to use and inexpensive at 15 piece of webdesign software, download webcreator. It's great for first time webdesigners.

Frontpage is fairly inexpensive and not to difficult to learn how to use. I built my first site using Frontpage. Get a free trial download.

Dreamweaver is more expensive but they do have a 30 day trial download. You get easy to follow tutorials and and extensive manual with it. drc/index.cfm?product=dreamweaver

It may be useful to learn some basic HTML as it will enable you to fine tune pages and add your own coding. For a free online course go to

Over several articles I will try and help you to put together a site that will be profitable and bring in targeted traffic.

Before you even begin to design your site you must ask yourselfrepparttar 117175 following questions.

1 What isrepparttar 117176 purpose of your website? Is it to sell products, promote a service, provide information or build a downline.

2 Who are your target audience? They may be students, single parents wanting an extra income, or anyone interested in your services or products that you are selling.

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