Planning a baby shower

Written by Cathy Cripps


Every perfect baby shower begins with good planning. While this occasion is one for family and friends to gather and have a great time,repparttar other aspect isrepparttar 146762 gift giving to help new parents as they prepare forrepparttar 146763 birth or adoption of their child.

For this reason, you typically see baby showers for first-time parents but again, with second and third children coming much later thanrepparttar 146764 birth ofrepparttar 146765 first child, often a baby shower is necessary in this case too. This chapter will provide solid information on how to organize a baby shower so everyone has a great time.


For most people hosting a baby shower,repparttar 146766 first step is to determinerepparttar 146767 guest list. Then, invitations are sent out andrepparttar 146768 shower planned. However, it is crucial thatrepparttar 146769 list be analyzed carefully. Unfortunately, this list may include people that are desperately trying to become pregnant themselves but having fertility problems. Perhaps there is a person onrepparttar 146770 list that has recently lost a child.

Althoughrepparttar 146771 shower is exciting and a joyous occasion forrepparttar 146772 expectant mother, it can be a painful reminder torepparttar 146773 person onrepparttar 146774 guest list. Therefore, be conscientious ofrepparttar 146775 names onrepparttar 146776 list and if one person is a close friend or family member in this situation, rather than just mail an invitation, place a personal phone call prior to sendingrepparttar 146777 invitation.

The people invited torepparttar 146778 baby shower will depend onrepparttar 146779 type of shower being organized. Ifrepparttar 146780 shower will be girls only, then obviouslyrepparttar 146781 guest list would be different from that of a coed shower. Typically,repparttar 146782 list consists of family, close friends, co-workers, and perhaps a neighbor or other person thatrepparttar 146783 expectant mother or father wants to invite.

Baby Shower Gifts

Written by Cathy Cripps


While you want guests to bring a gift of their choosing, it is also important to encourage them to bring something that will makerepparttar parentís life easier, especially to use right afterrepparttar 146761 birth ofrepparttar 146762 child. Therefore, let each guest know in person or viarepparttar 146763 invitation that if they would like to bring a frozen meal or coupons for baby products or even their services, it would be greatly appreciated.

As a host, you need to considerrepparttar 146764 people that will be onrepparttar 146765 invitation list. Sometimes, finances are tight and buying gifts tough. You have a couple of options. First, you could setrepparttar 146766 tone onrepparttar 146767 invitations advising that while gifts are appreciated, they are not mandatory. This way, people know they can attendrepparttar 146768 shower but not feel embarrassed if they come without a gift.

Another option is to purchase a few extra, inexpensive but nice gifts fromrepparttar 146769 funds collected. Asrepparttar 146770 host, if you know someone is one a tight budget, you could tactfully let them know that you had extra gifts purchased so if they need one, they are certainly more than welcome simply to take one to giverepparttar 146771 couple. This way, that individual could choose a gift to give without feeling bad.


For siblings, a new baby inrepparttar 146772 home can be a stressful and insecure time. After all, they are used to getting allrepparttar 146773 attention and now, everyone who comes torepparttar 146774 door is offering something torepparttar 146775 new baby, completely looking past them. To ensure siblings are included, we would highly recommendrepparttar 146776 following:

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