Planning Your Wedding Menu

Written by Sher Matsen

Decidingrepparttar menu is a pretty simple affair. Once you’ve chosen your menu items, you can move on to organizingrepparttar 148446 wedding menu. By organizing I mean planning how people will sit, what your tables will look like, types of glasses. Allrepparttar 148447 fine details.

Now don’t let this stress you out – it actually can be a lot of fun! Here’s some tips to get you onrepparttar 148448 right track. These tips assume you are not having your meal catered and are doing all your own planning.

Decide what time you are going to have your meal at. This will tie torepparttar 148449 time of your wedding to some degree. If you are getting married inrepparttar 148450 morning are you having lunch, brunch, or a mid afternoon meal. Afternoon wedding, are you having a super time meal, a later evening meal.

Are you going to rent your dishes? Borrow from family? Use disposable plates? Same goes for glassware and flatware. If you are having a smaller wedding you can often get good pricing on sets at discount department stores.

If you are purchasing your dishes, what is your theme? Color? Style?

What type of glasses are you going to use? Wine glasses for certain, what about coffee cups, water glasses. Again either borrow or visit a discount department store.

I recommend renting your dishes, flatware, and glasses from a catering company. The prices is usually very nominal. Everything matches, they deliverrepparttar 148451 clean dishes, after your meal you simply putrepparttar 148452 dirty dishes inrepparttar 148453 containers supplied, they pick them up and take care of cleaning them.

If you supply your own dishes, then somebody has to be prepared to do clean up. Renting dishes is simple, affordable, and lets your guests focus on enjoying your wedding.

You will also need to decide whatrepparttar 148454 theme for your tables will be, what type of flowers you will use and whether you will get locally grown flowers or purchase from a florist. If you choose flowers in season in your local area you can make beautiful flower arrangements for a fraction ofrepparttar 148455 cost.

The Long And Flavored History Of Jewelry

Written by Sher Matsen

There is virtually no difference between costume jewelry and antique jewelry. Costume Jewelry dates back torepparttar 1930s. Byrepparttar 148445 definition of antique that would also make it antique jewelry. However, most jewelry experts have come to agree that antique jewelry predatesrepparttar 148446 1930s. Costume Jewelry came into being inrepparttar 148447 1930s as a cheap disposable jewelry meant to be worn with a specific outfit, but not meant to be handed down through generations. It was intended to be fashionable for a short period of time, out date itself, and then be repurchased to fit with a new outfit purchase, or with a new fashion style. It became available in large quantities duringrepparttar 148448 30s.

Cheap jewelry also existed prior torepparttar 148449 1930s. Paste or glass jewelry as far back asrepparttar 148450 1700s. The rich had their fine jewelry duplicated for a variety of reasons, using paste or glass stones. Byrepparttar 148451 mid 1800s withrepparttar 148452 growth ofrepparttar 148453 middle class there were now different levels of jewelry being manufactured using fine, semi-precious and base materials. Fine jewelry of gold, diamonds, fine gems such as emeralds and saphires continued to be made. Jewelry from rolled gold, which is a thin layer of gold attached to a base metal, enteredrepparttar 148454 market forrepparttar 148455 middle class. This jewelry was often set with semi-precious gems such as amethyst, coral or pearls, and was much more affordable. And then there was jewelry that most anyone could afford, consisting of glass stones and base metals made to look like gold. All three types were intended to be passed down to future generations.

There are usually clues that can help one identify what era a piece

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