Planning Permission Tips UK - Loft Conversions in UK Properties - Do They Add Value?

Written by Martin Meaks

We get a great many requests to viewrepparttar potential of Loft conversions. This type of extension has remained fairly popular since I first started designing property & is perhaps even more in demand now than ever before - especially in dense urban areas whererepparttar 144702 alternative choices for that fourth bedroom are somewhat limited.

Now,repparttar 144703 popular press would have you believe that they do not add value or have limited appeal. However, that blanket broad brush, slightly disrespectful opinion does not ring true for most of our clients. So what is going on? As always,repparttar 144704 devil is inrepparttar 144705 detail -repparttar 144706 detail in this respect is mainly focussed on two primary areas:

1. DESIGN and 2. DESIGN.

It's just likerepparttar 144707 location, location location slogan for house values & desirability. Fortunately,repparttar 144708 planners have got to grips with a lot of loft conversions these days & they now have a great more control of schemes that a few years ago could have been built under Permitted Development. This means that they have encompassed 'good design guides' in an attempt to stamp outrepparttar 144709 ugly full width box dormer that turned a beautiful victorian semi into a something that looks like a car sized packing crate trying to escape from a neighbours roof.

Conversely, many people have argued thatrepparttar 144710 'chocolate box' cottage type pointy roofed dormers (as suggested byrepparttar 144711 planners) are quite simply impractical & do not provide enough space for a fully functional room which in many cases is a very valid & true point. HOWEVER, life is all about compromises & choices have to be made. Fortunately, most members ofrepparttar 144712 public are now becoming far more 'design aware' than they ever used to be & slowly by slowly they are beginning to accept thatrepparttar 144713 formation of more space must not be atrepparttar 144714 expense of a poor external visual impact that simply jars withrepparttar 144715 whole look ofrepparttar 144716 locality. This type of poor dormer design can not only decreaserepparttar 144717 value of your own home but that ofrepparttar 144718 neighbours as well.

But yet again there are exceptions. Some suburbs of London for example have a plethora of these types of loft extensions &repparttar 144719 ones that have not yet been converted look out of place. These types of areas pay more attention torepparttar 144720 internal design ofrepparttar 144721 living space thanrepparttar 144722 grotty externals - goes withrepparttar 144723 environment I suppose. Also, some areas are 70's & 80's built estates whererepparttar 144724 whole so called 'architect design' was for this style of flat roofed box dormer which is a commonly accepted fact forrepparttar 144725 area & enjoyed by many.

So, back to my original question - Does a loft conversion or extension add value? In my opinion YES in practically all cases baring a few exceptions. Should it be my first choice of residential development if my site has surrounding ground that allows alternative solutions? Well no in my opinion unless your property is a bungalow. A loft conversion forrepparttar 144726 standard 2 storey dwelling house (detached, semi or terrace) should perhaps be onrepparttar 144727 'last option' list rather than your first choice - more to do with peoples perceptions rather than anything scientific I could quote.

When we assess a loft conversions viability we run through a sort of assessment check list before we advise our clients & we always steer them towards nice looking, well balanced, recessed type of pitched roof dormers atrepparttar 144728 sacrifice of some space rather thanrepparttar 144729 'ugly duckling' alternative. However, like all services, many clients do not valuerepparttar 144730 external look as much & they insist onrepparttar 144731 largest dormer possible especially if it can be constructed underrepparttar 144732 sites Permitted Development allowances (no planning permission necessary) - Do we still takerepparttar 144733 job? - yes of course we do its our living but our sign board never goes up duringrepparttar 144734 construction works.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Written by Terri Greene

Purchasing a hot tub is a big investment and one that should not be taken lightly. Hot tubs cost thousands of dollars and if not maintained properly they can become ineffective within just a few months. Maintaining your hot tub and all of its components is a key factor in how long it will last. In order to maximizerepparttar life of your hot tub and keep it running smoothly for many years, follow these steps which will ensure your hot tub will function properly.


Testing your water once a week is crucial to maintaining a hot tub. When you purchase a hot tub,repparttar 144343 manufacturer should provide you with testing strips or drops which coincide withrepparttar 144344 type of hot tub you bought. If your hot tub uses bromine,repparttar 144345 test strip will need to test for bromine, chlorine, ph and alkalinity. For chlorine, it tests Ph and alkalinity. If your hot tub uses a natural purifier,repparttar 144346 test strip should indicate it is testing for Ph, alkalinity and monopersulfates.

Shock Treatment

Shocking is an important component in maintaining your hot tub. If you use your hot tub 2-4 times per week then you will need to shock it only once a week. If you use your hot tub more than 4 times a week you will have to shock it twice. If you have a natural purifier (as opposed to a bromine purifier) lightly shockrepparttar 144347 hot tub after every use as well as one heavy shock per week.


Once you have a schedule set out, maintaining your chemicals is easy. If you test your hot tub and your Ph level is low, there are products that you can buy specifically to increase those levels. In addition, there are also products which are designed specifically for hot tubs that have Ph levels that are too high. Your hot tub should have bromine or natural purifier in it at all times.

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