Planning An Out Of State Move

Written by Lee Dobbins

There’s a lot more to moving to another state than there is to staying withinrepparttar same state. Expenses can vary greatly from state to state and even though your new salary is going to be much higher than your old, you could still end up at a loss due to higher living expenses.

When moving to another state, some ofrepparttar 146172 things you should do thorough research on school systems, salary, housing andrepparttar 146173 like. Pay attention torepparttar 146174 tax structure inrepparttar 146175 state you are relocating to - how much isrepparttar 146176 income tax? Do they have a sales tax? What isrepparttar 146177 property tax rate? All these things can have a major impact on your budget and should be carefully considered before relocating.

Once you have decided that your relocation is a good move for your family, you’ll need to planrepparttar 146178 details of getting from here to there. Do you have a house to sell? Then you need to consider whether you will sell it “by owner” or use a real estate professional. In order to sell your house fast and getrepparttar 146179 best price, you might want to look at it with an unbiased eye to see what improvements should be made. Remember that curb appeal is very important as isrepparttar 146180 impressionrepparttar 146181 potential buyer gets when he first walks in andrepparttar 146182 look ofrepparttar 146183 kitchen and bathrooms.

Blacks need to come out the closet to support BET News and Black media in general

Written by Edrea Davis

We messed up. When we err, we need to admit it and move to correctrepparttar wrong. Black folks have been complaining about BET programming for ages when, in actuality, they've been checking it out onrepparttar 146171 "down low."

Listening torepparttar 146172 negativity overrepparttar 146173 years, even I was shocked to find out there were so many closet watchers secretly hooked on BET Nightly News. I've gotten calls and emails from people all overrepparttar 146174 country upset about BET's decision to cancelrepparttar 146175 program. Many of them say that BET is their only real connection torepparttar 146176 Black community, and, for many organizations it is oftenrepparttar 146177 only TV coverage they receive.

It's not justrepparttar 146178 over 40 crew tuning in each night for an update on what’s happening in Black America, young people of all nationalities are aware of current events inrepparttar 146179 Black world thanks to BET Nightly News.

After constant criticism of BET programming,repparttar 146180 Black community was incensed when Robert Johnson made a savvy business move and soldrepparttar 146181 company to Viacom. As many people predicted,repparttar 146182 nightly newscast hitrepparttar 146183 chopping block.

If we do not want all of Black media to fold or get sucked up by mainstream conglomerates, we must recognize that news is a product governed byrepparttar 146184 laws of supply and demand. The more we watch our own news, read and subscribe to our print publications and praiserepparttar 146185 work,repparttar 146186 more that business can flourish.

Since slavery Black publications have been consistent advocates in our community and are stillrepparttar 146187 first people called when there’s a problem. Unless it's celebrity driven or blood ridden, mainstream press does not address our issues until there's sufficient buzz created inrepparttar 146188 Black press.

For example, recently several stories appeared inrepparttar 146189 Black press aboutrepparttar 146190 lack of concern for missing Black women. Those stories resulted in coverage in mainstream media including USA Today. And, no one can denyrepparttar 146191 impact George Curry’s article on Kemba Smith had on her case andrepparttar 146192 criminal justice system as a whole.

For those of you who believe Black media has out-lived its usefulness, Richard Prince's Journal-isms recently reported that The New York Times Co. is starting a Black newspaper in Gainesville, Fla. I’m not mad atrepparttar 146193 New York Times for their efforts to increase revenue by targetingrepparttar 146194 Black market; I’m sad that we do not recognize our own value and repeatedly take our struggling media institutions for granted.

There are Black publications - likerepparttar 146195 100 year-old Chicago Defender - that have served asrepparttar 146196 voice ofrepparttar 146197 community for years. Among those already in Florida arerepparttar 146198 Broward Times, Weekly Challenger, Westside Gazette, and Jacksonville Advocate; why would New York Times start their own Black newspaper in Florida?

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