Plan for Business Success - 6 Reasons to Succession Plan

Written by Martin Haworth

There are many valuable reasons to plan forrepparttar future - not least because it reducesrepparttar 145458 inexperience when people leaverepparttar 145459 business or organisation - yet there are other reasons too.

Succession Planning provides many valuable assets to your business. Yet it is easy to do, with a game plan. Here are some reasons whyrepparttar 145460 business leader will find it a useful issue to put some focus on.

  1. Personal Development

    A manager starts to learn new skills. Far fromrepparttar 145461 chaotic living from day to day, this is a new level, whererepparttar 145462 challenges really are evolutionary, for their employees and themselves. A chance to takerepparttar 145463 time to develop a strategic sense forrepparttar 145464 business or organisation. Unheard of inrepparttar 145465 past, now becomes a real possibility.

  2. Plan

    One new skill is of planning ahead, further thanrepparttar 145466 next days headcount. It helps to set a different perspective on their skills. To move them from survival mode to developmental and evolutionary. Leadership as well as managing.

  3. Relaxation

    One ofrepparttar 145467 truest tests of a manager, whether be they in a large, medium or small business, is how it works whenrepparttar 145468 ‘boss’ isn’t there. Many bosses hold so much, so close to them, that crises loom when they are away on vacation or off sick. A developed team, together with ‘bubbling-unders’, is a strong team, capable of coping on their own. Sorepparttar 145469 boss can take a break and be refreshed forrepparttar 145470 new challenges to come.

How to Get the Job You Want in Any Economy...Act Like a Headhunter

Written by Mike Nacke

Having spentrepparttar last few years of my career inrepparttar 145457 staffing and recruiting industry, I’m asked allrepparttar 145458 time by friends and relatives if I can help them find a more desirable job. I’ve helped my fiancé get a job, helped my college buddies get jobs after graduation, and even helped a few high school buddies find jobs having not seen them for years. It’s a real joy in recruiting when you can help someone find a job that positively impacts their life. Butrepparttar 145459 fact ofrepparttar 145460 matter is, not everyone hasrepparttar 145461 opportunity to work with a headhunter. I would say that only a small percentage of career moves are made atrepparttar 145462 hand of a headhunter. So what dorepparttar 145463 rest of us do when we find ourselves in a dead end situation and no one to conductrepparttar 145464 hunt for you?

I’ve heard lots of gimmicks, tricks, and tactics for aidingrepparttar 145465 process and I’m sure you’ve heard a few yourself. Do any of these ring a bell? Sending out resumes on extra thick paper, memorizingrepparttar 145466 most dazzling answers to commonly asked interview questions, wearing a brightly colored outfit to your interview to be memorable, andrepparttar 145467 list goes on and on. I honestly don’t know if any of these things help or hinderrepparttar 145468 hiring process, but I do know that I’ve never met a professional headhunter that coaches his candidates by taking them shopping at Old Navy and picking outrepparttar 145469 seasons brightest colors to wear to an upcoming interview.

So what things do professional headhunters do that puts them inrepparttar 145470 position to move CEO’s from one company to another and get paid to do it. Here arerepparttar 145471 top 5 things that top dog headhunters do inrepparttar 145472 search and placement process that you can incorporate to your own job search tomorrow.

1. Network – Now I know you’ve heard this one a million times before, butrepparttar 145473 first thing that a headhunter does inrepparttar 145474 morning is make 20 calls to people they know and find out whererepparttar 145475 jobs are. Onlyrepparttar 145476 rookies wake up every morning with nothing more to look forward to than a few dozen agonizing cold calls. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Who do I know that I could talk to about finding a job…I don’t know anyone.” Well, in headhunting 101 you learn that it’s not who you know that matters, it’s who they (your contacts) know that counts. It’s okay to call every person you know and tell them you’re looking for a new job. Everyone excluding your boss andrepparttar 145477 other people at your office of course. Make a list of 100 people that you know, pick uprepparttar 145478 phone, and start talking to people. Ask them if they know of any companies hiring people in your area of expertise. If they don’t, ask them if who they know that might know of some openings. Let me give you a tip about how to supercharge your networking. Pick uprepparttar 145479 book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. In it, he describes three types of people in social circles. One of those types is called a “connector”. This isrepparttar 145480 type of person that seems to know everyone. I bet if you think about it, you probably know one or two people that everywhere you go with them, they know someone. Well, every person on your list knows one or two connectors and if you askrepparttar 145481 question ‘who do you know that might know of something?’, you’re bound to run into a few of these extraordinarily well connected people. Your network stops when you stop asking ‘who they know.’

2. Email Everyone on Your List – This is similar to networking, but you have to take a different approach when networking through email. Here’s a strategy that I have found to be pretty effective. First, an example of what that email might look like.

Dear John,

Not sure if you’ve heard, but I’ve recently started looking for a new career. I wanted to see if you could help me with this arduous process. As you know, I have been with PrideStaff doing Business Development (or whatever it is you do) forrepparttar 145482 last two years. It has been a good experience and I have been given several promotions and opportunities alongrepparttar 145483 way. However, I seem to have run into a glass ceiling and don’t see any more opportunity for advancement here.

I’m writing to ask two things. First, if you know of any openings in my area of expertise, at your company or at any other that you know of, I would greatly appreciate any referral you could give me. Second, if there is anyone you know that might have knowledge of any openings in Business Development, I would really appreciate if you would forward this email to them along with my resume that I have attached.

John, any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if there is any way I can reciprocate.

Warmest Regards,

Mike Nacke Director or Business Development PrideStaff

The reason this email is so effective is because it conveys warmth, it details your credentials, and it directly asks for referrals. Feel free to use this email yourself, just make sure you insert your own name and credentials before sending it out.

3. Harnessrepparttar 145484 Power ofrepparttar 145485 Internet – One ofrepparttar 145486 most tedious and frustrating tasks that you do when looking for a job is scouringrepparttar 145487 internet job boards and corporate web sites looking for new openings. Talk about frustrating. In an intensive job search, you should be looking at about 100 different companies that you would like to work for and if you’re checking every site daily, that’s a lot of wasted time. I know that 100 might sound a little high, but by utilizing a few online tools, you can easily keep up withrepparttar 145488 activity of well over 100 companies. To accomplishrepparttar 145489 100 company mark, first determinerepparttar 145490 industries you’re interested in. Most of you probably want to stay inrepparttar 145491 industry you’re in right now, but if you’re thinking of changing, understand that this is a very challenging move because direct industry experience isrepparttar 145492 #1 factor headhunters use when moving people from one company to another. After determining what industries you would like to work in, find out their SIC code listing and cross reference that to find allrepparttar 145493 companies inrepparttar 145494 city that are operating under that SIC code. If you’ve never done this before, you may have to do a little homework, but it should provide a good company list to start with. There is a more recent industry classification system known asrepparttar 145495 NAICS codes that you can use as well, just stick torepparttar 145496 one you’re more comfortable with. If you’ve chosen a few industries and utilized one ofrepparttar 145497 code systems to find a cross section of companies in town, you should have a substantial list of companies that will berepparttar 145498 foundation of your search.

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