Plan Before You Plant

Written by Jean Fritz

It’s winter, and as you gaze out your picture window, all you see is a 50 square foot patch of bare dirt. After a foray throughrepparttar top 10 plant catalogues armed with a major credit card and your vivid imagination, that space is crowded with shrubs, bedding plants, bulbs and foliage, all competing for light, water and nutrients. You’ve created a plant riot.

Planning is vital to creating a noteworthy garden, and winter isrepparttar 113404 best time to sit down with pencil, paper and reference books. A good garden plan can save time, money and heartache.


Where is your future garden located? Is it visible torepparttar 113405 entire neighborhood, or to your eyes only? Does it receive full sun, or is it shaded part ofrepparttar 113406 day? What isrepparttar 113407 soil type? All of these factors need to be considered during your planning phase, and will help you screen out your plant choices.


Your site may also help determinerepparttar 113408 garden’s purpose. I have two beds within 5 feet of my kitchen door, so they are dedicated to herbs and salad fixings (I can come home from work, pick dinner, go inside and eat.) If your garden is surrounded by a privacy fence, you could consider installing a wildflower plot, or a garden designed with birds and butterflies in mind. These garden styles tend to be unruly, so cloaking them from potentially offended neighbors or homeowners’ association spies is a good idea.

Deciding on a particular theme or purpose forrepparttar 113409 garden plot further narrows your plant choices.


If you are a harried homeowner with less than 2 hours a week for yard work, installing an annual bed or vegetable garden is not for you. The time you are willing to devote to maintenance is important in choosing plants;repparttar 113410 less you want to work,repparttar 113411 more you’ll want to stick with tried, true and dependable plants such as daylilies, hosta, iris, and groundcovers such as ivy or dead nettle.

The Many Types of Yellow Water Lilies

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

The Many Types of Yellow Water Lilies

Choosing water lilies for your water garden can be a difficult as there are so many colors, sizes and types to pick from. Amongrepparttar many types of lilies, you are faced with color choices, here we are going to tell you all aboutrepparttar 113403 types of yellow lilies for your water garden. Keep in mindrepparttar 113404 factors involved for deciding which lily you plant inrepparttar 113405 water garden include: - how large your water garden is. - if you have free flowing water in your pond. - if your grow zone matchesrepparttar 113406 temperature need ofrepparttar 113407 lily.

The "Charlene Strawn" is a medium sized lily found in North America. The petals are wide atrepparttar 113408 base with points onrepparttar 113409 end. The flowers on this lily push up and seem to sit aboverepparttar 113410 green lily pads. This flower does have a slight fragrance you will enjoy if you like just light scents.

"Colonel A J Welch" lilies produce a narrow and pointed looking bloom. The petals look crinkly and point out fromrepparttar 113411 plant like a start. The leaves ofrepparttar 113412 plant are green but flecked with purple specks whilerepparttar 113413 plant is still young. Asrepparttar 113414 plant matures,repparttar 113415 purple is less noticeable andrepparttar 113416 flowers will stay open inrepparttar 113417 afternoon temperatures. This lily is a very fast growing species that will take over small water gardens quickly. It is more suited forrepparttar 113418 large pond or deep-water garden.

The "Chromatella" is one lily that is very popular inrepparttar 113419 water garden everywhere. The flower itself is very large with a lighter color of yellow onrepparttar 113420 exterior petals andrepparttar 113421 inside ofrepparttar 113422 flower very bright yellow. The flower sits directly onrepparttar 113423 leaves that seem to float inrepparttar 113424 water. The leaves are a deep olive green color but often will streak with purple. The very tips ofrepparttar 113425 petals are tinged with a pink color, creating a vibrant and lively display in your water garden. While this is a large flower, it is suitable for most all water gardens except those under one hundred square feet.

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