Pizza Talk, Tips for Pizza Operators: Web Orders Upsell

Written by Rudy Vener

One ofrepparttar most attractive features of online or web ordering is that it upsells for you. LaRosa's Pizza in Cincinnati, Ohio states that their average online orders are $1.25 more than their phoned counterparts. Inrepparttar 147581 May/June 2005 issue of Pizza Marketing Quarterly, Two Guys Pizza of Moreno Valley, California, said their online orders averaged over $8.00 more per order. Why are online orders significantly larger than phoned orders? There are probably several reasons for this. The online ordering process itself is far more leisurely. Online customers have no pressure to finish their order quickly. They can browserepparttar 147582 online menu and make selections at their own pace. This alone could ensurerepparttar 147583 customers do a more thorough job of placing orders. Butrepparttar 147584 online menu itself makes a contribution by reminding each customer to include beverages, appetizers and extras. A properly designed online menu will always display allrepparttar 147585 menu areas on screen. So when a customer is choosing an entree or pizza, there is a button or link somewhere onrepparttar 147586 screen reminding him to include a beverage, an order of breadsticks or

Starting a Franchise

Written by Kevin McNally

Franchising Information

Franchise oppotunities are all around us today. You may pop into Starbucks for coffee and then head for lunch at MacDonalds before returning home and ordering your dinner from another local franchise, Pizza Hut. Many ofrepparttar most popular outlets you visit may be franchises as they offerrepparttar 147580 security of a brand name andrepparttar 147581 attraction of starting your own business.

The world of Franchise is certainly complex but many people are now seriously looking at starting a franchise as they look to leave their routine day jobs and embark on an exciting business opportunity and run their own business. Indeed many franchise fairs and seminars are nowrepparttar 147582 perfect location to meet franchise experts and discuss funding and business plans to determine what type of niche you may quickly recoup your investment with.

Selectingrepparttar 147583 correct franchise opportunity is vital and you should researchrepparttar 147584 company history and seek advice from current franchise owners before making important decisions. Many franchise opportunities allow you a great degree of freedom with your marketing and advertising, however many others have trademark guidelines and company policies which you must be aware of before launching a promotion.

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