Pizza, French Fries, Beer and Other Diet Foods...

Written by Nick Nilsson

Now this isrepparttar real American Dream! Iím here to let you know that it is totally possible to lose allrepparttar 118288 fat you want while eating nothing but junk food. The only hitch is that allrepparttar 118289 fat you want to lose is going to have to be zero!

Here are some tongue-in-cheek (or burger-in-belly) suggestions for how you can turn evenrepparttar 118290 greasiest, sugariest, most overprocessed calorie bomb into lean, mean diet food.

How is this done? Hereís a hint: itís all in how you choose to look atrepparttar 118291 food...

1. Eat donuts instead of solid pastries. You will be saving a tremendous number of calories by eating something with a hole inrepparttar 118292 middle. You can save upwards of 3 to 5 calories per pastry by doing this. That means if you eat 10 donuts, youíve saved yourself almost 50 calories! Besides, everyone knows nuts are good for you...

2. French fries can help prevent heart attacks. It is a fact that French people suffer fewer heart attacks and have lower rates of heart disease. French fries are obviously from France, therefore it naturally follows that French fries can prevent heart disease.

3. Pizza is one ofrepparttar 118293 healthiest foods onrepparttar 118294 planet. There are many reasons for this:

-The bleached flour inrepparttar 118295 crust sucks up allrepparttar 118296 grease that drips down fromrepparttar 118297 toppings, trapping it so you donít see it while youíre eating. If you donít see it when you eat it, it has no calories.

-Itís round (stay with me here). Because square-shaped foods have corners, they contain a lot more calories than round foods. To save even more calories, cut a hole inrepparttar 118298 center ofrepparttar 118299 pizza (refer back to #1 for full details).

-The cheese onrepparttar 118300 pizza is loaded with calcium - even more thanrepparttar 118301 Tums youíre going to need after eatingrepparttar 118302 whole thing.

-You can easily reduce your servings without sacrificing enjoyment. Instead of cuttingrepparttar 118303 pizza into 8 slices, try cutting it into only 4. Youíve just eaten HALFrepparttar 118304 number of slices you ate before! Imagine how many calories youíll save by doing that!

-Vegetables covered in grease are still vegetables. Never mind that allrepparttar 118305 nutrition has been baked out of them, youíre still getting youíre recommended daily servings of veggies.

The Top 10 Most Outrageous Exercises Iíve Ever Seen

Written by Nick Nilsson

Inrepparttar course of my experience working and training in gyms, Iíve seen people doing some incredibly "interesting" exercises. Unfortunately, itís usually because these people have not been properly instructed in exercise technique. Here are some ofrepparttar 118287 top winners. Remember, these are actual exercises that Iíve seen people do. I maderepparttar 118288 names ofrepparttar 118289 exercises up to matchrepparttar 118290 lunacy of how they look.


1. Dumbell Hair Combs - Start by holding a dumbell in front of you. Do a front raise with it then whiprepparttar 118291 dumbell back and overrepparttar 118292 top of your head like youíre combing your hair with it. Make sure to just miss your skull.

2. Hog-tied Face-Rubs - Lie on your stomach onrepparttar 118293 floor. Grasp your ankles behind your back and rub your face back and forth onrepparttar 118294 ground repeatedly. Continue until youíve had enough.

3. Abdominal Earthquakes - Lie onrepparttar 118295 floor on your back inrepparttar 118296 classic start position of a crunch. Now yank as hard as you can onrepparttar 118297 back of your head up and down and thrash your legs around inrepparttar 118298 air like youíre fending off starving dogs. This evidently works your abs. You will resemble Jello that has just been dropped onrepparttar 118299 floor. Your face should be as red as a tomato byrepparttar 118300 time youíre done.

4. The Arm Wrecker - Do one cheating, momentum-filled rep of an arm exercise with ridiculously heavy weight then swing your arms around as fast as you can in a circle to get blood torepparttar 118301 muscle. This technique will either help your arm grow or will smackrepparttar 118302 person waiting to userepparttar 118303 machine/weights next.

5. Pelvic Demolisher - Stand with your fingers interlocked behind your head. Do a pelvic thrust forward and drop your spinal column down and backwards about 6 inches. This exercise is best done in front of a large group of people.

6. Dumbell Doggy Digs - Bend over atrepparttar 118304 waist so that your back is rounded completely over like an arch. Your legs should be completely straight and locked out. You should look like you are trying hard to touch your toes but not really succeeding. Hold two dumbells down at arms-length. Now spin them round and round repeatedly just offrepparttar 118305 floor so that you resemble a dog digging a hole.

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